Clarence Sahibdeen Customs Brokerage

Georgetown, Guyana
Founded in 1986

Job Openings

Affiliate Marketer

Part Time

Company Overview

At Clarence Sahibdeen Customs Brokerage, our mission is to combine our expertise with clients of entrepreneurship in order to provide fast, compliant and effective services at the lowest price. Our Customs Brokerage specializes in both commercial & personal imports of all types of products. Our aim is to truly revolutionize Guyana's industry as one to provide the very first online Customs Brokerage experience. Whether you are importing or Exporting by Land, Sea, or Air in Guyana, we can clear both FCL and LCL cargo. To learn more about us, visit

Our Recruitment Process

We're hiring personnel as to scale our business quickly, easily and cost effectively. The full-time offshore and onshore staff will report directly to us every business day and follow our business hours as demands arise. We're basically looking for either supportive or mandatory extensions of our expanding team! We're looking for personnel that would develop high standards of how they work as well as the systems and processes they follow. We also must have direct access to you via phone, email and instant messaging. This person must be productive at all times and able to give a helping hand in various other tasks. Our personnel must be able to work close with our customs brokers and their immediate team. We’ll only hire if the applicant has shown willingness, and dedication. We handle the recruitment, background checks, testing and shortlisting very seriously as our already-solid foundation must be maintained. Usually, the recruitment process is about 2-5 days. However, it can sometimes be a little longer depending on the qualifications or experience level you need, our current pool of candidates, and how quickly we receive information from you. We are sure you’ll agree that sometimes it takes a bit longer to find the perfect fit.

More about Clarence Sahibdeen Customs Brokerage

Broad exposure and the ability to learn from and collaborate

Everyday, there is a new challenge, and lots to learn. We provide a large and diverse client base to work under, while cooperating with some of the best problem solvers in the world.

Enables Specialization and Depth of Skill

Clarence Sahibdeen Customs Brokerage allows for specialization and depth in related skills as well as expertise in our areas of work while maintaining the Dedicated, high-level hands-on approach that we have been known to bring.