Frederic Schad

Founded in 1922

Job Openings

Supply Chain Coordinator

Full Time

Company Overview

Frederic Schad a leading integrated logistics service was established in Santo Domingo, DR in 1922. During the last 97 years it has expanded its operations rapidly to all ports in the country with solid growth managed by different business divisions concerning air cargo, land transport, bonded warehouses, distribution centers, terminal operators, maritime legal assistance, cargo inspections, among other services. Frederic Schad Logistics is THE agent for DHL Global Forwarding (DGF) in the Dominican Republic for more than 34 years and since 2016 also representing DHL Global Forwarding for the Caribbean in Barbados, Curacao, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago and since 2019 Guyana.

Our Recruitment Process

First selection through Human resources, Second Interview through General manager

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The ability to maintain a continuous effort in all the goals you have set. To be focused and motivated in the achievement of the objectives, despite the trouble you might find in the way, leading you to a continuous improve of everything and everybody around.


The ability to do new things everyday, improvise and use the existing resources and environment to create new tasks that will improve our performance, and will help meeting the company’s purposes, and our customers satisfaction.


The ability to make decisions that could affect directly or indirectly your environment with initiative and optimism. Always being one step ahead of the client's and co-workers needs, keeping in mind our company’s goals

Go Green

Company cares About the Environment

Trace Compliance

Our company values Compliance


The ability to do what you promise, to responsibly involve in the process that you intervene directly or indirectly. To ensure the fulfillment of your responsibilities as well as obtaining positive results for our external and internal customers.


The ability to do the right thing. Compliance of morale rules, policies and procedures. Be coherent with our actions and beliefs, always trying to improve human relations in the company. Ensure a good service to our clients.