Voices GY

Founded in 2018

Job Openings

Intern (Office and Finance)


Intern (Livelihoods)


Migration Programme Manager

Full Time

Company Overview

Voices GY is a non-profit community empowerment organisation. We work to support vulnerable communities to find their voice through education, livelihood projects, migration assistance and more.

More about Voices GY

Recruitment 101

Our recruitment process varies depending on the role we are recruiting for. However, some common features of all job openings are an interview followed by comprehensive onboarding training. We especially look for persons who are interested in Voices GY as an organisation and in contributing to the work we do.

Looking out for our staff

Working for Voices GY should be more than just a 9-5. We provide all our staff with free Spanish lessons, as well as access to mental health professionals free of cost. We're a growing non-profit whose work really matters to the persons we benefit through our programmes. Be part of the change!