Guyana Properties

Georgetown Guyana
Founded in 2021

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It goes without saying what is happening in Guyana and what will be happening over the next several decades will be nothing short of transformational. Guyana is already well on its way from being listed a few years ago as one of the poorest countries in the world, to now being positioned to possibly become the wealthiest country per capita in the Western Hemisphere. Such economic progress will be accompanied by unparalleled growth and activity in the real-estate sector. Guyana Properties stands ready to lead Guyana’s real estate industry into this new exciting chapter and as such we are offering rewarding real estate career opportunities for motivated hard-working Guyanese. We are looking for the best of the best in our hiring process. If you have world class customer service experience, if you understand the value of hard work and possess the confidence needed to succeed, apply today to become a GP Professional.