Linden, Guyana

Jobs Openings

Company Overview

PRIMUS is a leading business management consulting firm specializing in empowering small businesses and nonprofits through innovative strategies in Accounting, Human Resources, and Administrative Assistance. Committed to fostering growth and community impact, PRIMUS is dedicated to reshaping the business landscape and propelling organizations toward sustainable success.

The launch of PRIMUS (Guyana) marks a significant expansion in its global presence and commitment to empowering businesses and communities. Established in Linden, Guyana, this new venture serves as a sister organization to PRIMUS Business Management. We aspire to synergize our expertise with the unique needs of the Guyanese market. We aim to become catalysts for progress, fostering a legacy of sustainable business practices and impactful community initiatives.

Recruitment Process

  • Complete applications (CV and Cover letter) will be reviewed.

  • Candidates that are selected will be emailed for a virtual interview.

  • Finalists will be interviewed in person.

  • References will be checked, and employment verification will be completed.

  • Verbal and written offer will be submitted to selected candidates.