Centerville Office Support Inc.

Founded 2019
Georgetown, Guyana

Jobs Openings

Company Overview

Centerville Office Support Ltd. started off in 2019 establishing an action plan which allows employees to work remotely to provide support to Kirkendall Dwyer Law Firm. COSL currently has a total of 4 Units namely:

1.Social Security Disability


3.Personal Injury and


Recruitment Process


The Human Resources Manager is responsible for Recruitment. When a vacancy arises, the position to be filled will be first advertised internally, if there is no suitable candidate application on file, it would be referred to the Human Resources Manager and the vacancy would be advertised.

 The interviewing panel makeup vary depending on the position the interview is being done for. The decision shall be by consensus.

When the final decision is made for employment of the successful candidate the Human Resources Manager is responsible for the process of onboarding.



Selection is based on different criteria such as, qualifications, experience, personality, attributes that fit the job profile and the company culture, standard and model.

Successful applicants are required to provide copies the following documents:

  • Identification Card or Passport

  • 1 passport size photograph

  • National Insurance Scheme Card (NIS Card)

  • Taxpayer Identification Number Certificate (TIN Certificate)

  • All academic certificates

  • Personal Banking information2 References 

  • A Valid Police Clearance (must be done within the last 6 months)