Mezze Inc.

Founded 2022
Georgetown, Guyana

Jobs Openings

Company Overview

At Mezze Inc., we're passionate about bringing a fresh and innovative twist to Mediterranean cuisine. Our journey began with a vision to tantalize tastebuds with the vibrant flavours and rich traditions inspired by the Mediterranean Region and Halaal Guys on the streets of New York City. We draw inspiration from diverse culinary cultures to create a unique and unforgettable dining experience.

Recruitment Process

  • Identify Staffing Needs - We assess our current workforce & projected business growth to determine staffing requirements and collaborate with our managers and HR to define specific roles needed.

  • Job Description & Posting - Create detailed job descriptions outlining roles, responsibilities, etc., and post to our social media platform and recruitment sites.

  • Application Screening - Review incoming applications and shortlist based on information provided to our simple and straightforward questionnaire.

  • Interview Process - Applicants will go through two interviews where we will assess your suitability, motivation and test communication skills, availability and alignment with company values as well as job specific skills and cultural fit.

  • Job Offer - Extend Offer to successful candidates, including compensation details, benefits and other relevant terms with a start date clearly stated and any other necessary details.

  • Onboarding - New hires will be welcomed and familiarized with company policies, job responsibilities and safety protocols. Probationary periods will be clearly outlined along with our performance management systems.