Caribbean Chemicals Guyana Ltd

Founded 1991
45 Croal Street Stabroek Georgetown

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Company Overview

Caribbean Chemicals Guyana Limited is a 50-year old family operated agricultural products and services company engaged in the importation and sale of agricultural equipment, fertilizer and chemicals (pesticides and Herbicides); and the provision of technical support services to farmers and agro-processors across Guyana.

Company Philosophy

Caribbean Chemicals recognises that it cannot be a successful company unless its customers are successful in their businesses. CCGL provides products and services to minimise farmers’ cost of production per unit of produce and maximise the value of  their output in terms of quantity and quality. 

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to transform agriculture in Guyana into an enterprise that is profitable on the world market, stimulating to the economy and a responsible custodian of the natural endowment of land, water and biodiversity.Our vision is be an agent of change in the sector rather than passively wait for the sector to grow and increase our business.

Recruitment Process

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