Real Estate Consultant

EXPIRES 20 Oct, 2022

Job Location

Georgetown, Berbice and Essequibo


SMS Realty and Development has a clear vision of making homeownership a reality, with a deliberate approach to helping our customers afford a comfortable lifestyle. Since its inception, the goal has been to curb the housing deficit not only in Guyana but all over the world, through a business model that incorporates financial empowerment.

The system makes use of relationship-based marketing; where people help people to circulate income and improve mankind.

This means that our real estate consultancy opportunity is a solution hub where you can actualize your dream, get value, sustain the value gained, change lives and make lots of money. If this sound like something you would like to do - please send us your resume and we will schedule an interview for you.



minimum CXC requires


Don't let your salary be your only source of income.

Take advantage of this consultancy business, where you can operate from any part of the world.


Subject to commission structure

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Aabbie Realty

Aabbie Realty


Aabbie Realty Inc. is a full service provider, a one stop shop that specializes in the Real Estate Sales, Rental, Land Development, Land Banking, Construction and Property Management.
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