Corporate Courier

Full Time
EXPIRES 25 Aug, 2022

Job Location

A105 Duncan Street, Bel Air Park, Georgetown


As a courier for Xpress Delivery, you will be responsible for completing corporate tasks for our clients such as NIS and GRA transactions, Bank Deposits etc. We provide training,  and you offer your own motorcycle or bicycle, independence, good judgment, good time management, a thorough knowledge of the city, and lots of kindness, patience and perseverance.

You play an important role because you ensure that all tasks are completed and our clients and their clients are satisfied. Helping us to ensure we continue to deliver excellent service and delivery solutions. 




  • Good customer services skills and the willingness to improve those skills.
  • Sound secondary education
  • Ability to pedal bicycle at moderate to strenuous levels for at least six to seven hours daily
  • Ability to ride a motorcycle in a safe manner while obeying the rules and regulations of the roadways.
  • Honesty, ethics, independence, good judgement
  • In-depth knowledge of getting around Georgetown via bicycle or motorcycle
  • Familiarity with GPS/apps such as Google Maps
  • Previous experience with a reputable company will be an asset.


  • Retrieve and pick up important documents from various clients around Georgetown; execute the task the vaious tasks. 
  • Ride a bicycle or moorcycle in all types of weather, rain and sun; Take appropriate safety precautions.
  • Plan routes to save time and efficiency using intimate knowledge of the city as well as GPS apps on a cellphone; also, in some cases, call to verify they will be at the destination. 
  • Work from about 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday - Friday
  • Get recipient signature confirmations and answer any questions
  • Take appropriate security and ethical precautions with packages
  • Issue receipts and delivery notes upon delivery.
  • Perform routine maintenance on bikes such as inflating tires and greasing wheel bearings

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Send your CV or Resume along with copies of your ID, a recent police clearance, and at least one reference to or hand deliver it to A105 Duncan Street, Bel Air Park, Georgetown. 

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Xpress Delivery Service Inc


We offer the perfect solution to bridge the gap between stores and their customers. We offer delivery solutions from any store to their customers. Boutiques, hardware stores, online shipping companies, electronics, furniture, and much more.
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