Accounts Clerk/Stock Controller

Full Time
EXPIRES 10 Feb, 2021

Job Location

278 Sheriff Street, Campbellville


The Accounts Clerk/Stock Controller is responsible for the general accountability of the business, particularly concerning stock/inventory management and basic bookkeeping responsibilities.




  1. Seven Subjects CXC, inclusive of Accounts, Mathematics and English.
  2. At least One Year Experience in a similar field.
  3. Completion of CAT or ACCA Level 1


Key Duties:

  1. Daily Data Entry of Sales and Expenses into Quick Books.
  2. To make daily receipt of incoming materials.
  3. Review Cashier Sales Reports and Daily Returns.
  4. To prepare purchase order and follow up material.
  5. Proper receipt of incoming materials.
  6. Checking of rates and Purchase entries of all bills on a daily bases.
  7. Issue of required materials according to FIFO basis to avoid damage of materials.
  8. Secure and preserve the material lying in stores.
  9. To compute stock valuation according to FIFO Method at the end of the month.
  10. To Compute Actual Materials usage vs Calculated Usage for frequent and high valued items.
  11. Taking physical stock of materials.
  12. The requirement of reports will be as per the need.
  13. Taking quotation and preparing rate comparison of parties
  14. To follow up of payment for parties
  15. To call parties for daily purchase of perishable materials.


Salary Range – 72,000-84,000


NIS Insurance

Condition of Employment Allowance

Employee of the Month Cash Award and Certification

Paid Vacation Leave

Year End Bonus

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Mario's Juice Bar and Grill


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