Registrar Operations

Full Time
EXPIRES 22 Jan, 2021

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2442 Track A Plantation Providence EBD


The Registrar Operations is responsible for overall non-academic operations of TAU-Inc which encompasses General Administration, IT Department, Security and HR. 
The Registrar Operations plays a key role in strategic policy development for the University and ensures that services are provided in an effective and efficient manner to support the operational running and strategic aims of the University.



Minimum 10 years of experience with Masters level qualification in Public Administration or Human Resource Management


General Administration

1. Take responsibility for the effectiveness and efficiency of administrative services as a whole, intervening as and when require, to ensure that key objectives are met. Oversee the setting of objectives and evaluation of performance for each of the Divisions within administrative services viz campus management, Housing, IT department, Front Office and HR. 

2. Promote the financial and operational stability of the University, including the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations

3. Facilitate planning for the campus in alignment with strategic planning

4. Coordinate all areas of university life, business and learning. Supervise campus activities and maintains a campus environment that is safe, clean and conducive to learning.

5. Enhancing the quality of life for faculty, students and staff by providing efficient and quality services designed to meet the diverse needs of the University community.

6. Maintain  Infrastructure that is agile, scalable, secure, and highly productive

7. Overseeing facilities organization and Management TAU’s tremendous physical resources in the most efficient and effective manner. 

8. Ensure that all equipment/ systems are covered under the Annual Maintenance Contract

9. To help create an appropriate living environment for all faculty and staff of TAU

10. Ensure timely allocation of housing to staff and students, which is within the budget laid down 

IT department

1. To provide an oversight to the IT department in meeting the objectives of the Registrar’s office

2. To plan for expansion, upgradation of software, hardware and applications to be in line with the expansion plans of the university

3. To ensure that all data is duly protected and secure and properly backed up

4. To ensure that the firewalls, anti-virus and other related software is updated and active

HR department

1. In charge of recruitment, compensation, benefits, work/life balance, employee and labor relations, learning and development, human resources information systems and organizational development. 

2. Promote and support the development of partnerships and integration between the faculties and administrative services

3. Develop ways of attracting good people to work within the administrative services and to develop and retain talent within them. Ensure that appropriate performance management and succession planning is in place.

4. Determine reasons for attrition and collect Information  at the time of employee exit for research purposes, to document the reasons individuals leave employment, to identify potential problem areas, and to improve personnel practices and the overall work environment.

Public Safety

1. In charge of Public Safety and security and ensure that the University is charged with creating a safe and secure environment. 

2. Create an aware, informed, alert campus community – students, faculty, and staff who use reason and caution – along with a strong public safety presence

3. To make sure that the infra-structure, building , equipment is duly insured

4. To ensure that the security is adequate and vigilant

Statutory Requirements

1. Ensure that all statutory requirements with regards to environment, legal, safety are duly adhered  to

2. To provide all administrative support to the university to achieve / adhere to academic statutory requirements


Will be discussed at the interview

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