Graphic Designer

Full Time
EXPIRES 02 Feb, 2022

Job Location

31 High and Hadfield Street, Werk-en-rust, Georgetown


The Graphic Designer is responsible for assisting the Marketing Department and ensuring that all tasks within the department are met on a timely basis. 


CRITERIA: Diploma in Marketing or higher, at least two years, working experience and computer literate/ graphic designing.

  • Capacity to work both independently and in a team-oriented environment.
  • Ability to effectively complete the tasks entrusted.
  • Capacity to easily adapt to changing priorities and timelines.
  • Strong communication skills in English (oral and written);
  • Ability to learn quickly and attention to detail.
  • Proactive, critical thinker.

Must have a police clearance


1. Follow up calls

2. Database Management 
3. Customer Query 
4. Ads Creation
- Post Newspaper ad in WhatsApp customer group daily
- Schedule 2 ads per day on FB, LinkedIn, and Instagram
- 1 video per week on YouTube, FB, LinkedIn, Instagram
5. Website - Coordinate with the e-commerce team and upload images, and any changes to be done within 1
hour of knowing about the change.
- Respond to customers’ orders and queries within 10 mins.
- Attend to all the live chats immediately.
- Confirm and organize all website orders from beginning to end.
- Do 1 live video per week about the website
- Customer survey - customer satisfaction and make recommendations
- Assist in flashing the products, removing the background/edit and uploading to the website.
-Deactivate and activate products.
- Update the google sheet with new items and see they are correctly uploaded on the website
6. Update Marketing Medium file - Prepare daily and send report weekly to the management team via email
7. Reports:
• Discount report 
• Customer Feedback Report 
• Follow up report 
8. FAQ Manuals 
9. Videoing product training
10. Email Marketing /HubSpot (others)
11. Outdoor & Indoor Screen Update
12. Customer VIP Cards 
13. ISO Audit 

Attend all training sessions and meetings

• Assist with the Marketing Coordinator key duties in his/her absence - when needed
• Ensuring customers are attended to in the stipulated time and served
• Complying with all other company rules and regulations and ensuring that the Store’s Policy and Procedures are followed.
• Offering Technical and Sales assistance to the other team members when needed.
• Act as a representative on behalf of the Store.
• Adhere to the company’s values, mission and vision
• Video and document all processes relating to JD where necessary.
• Any other duties specified by the Manager.


Will be discussed in the interview.

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Applications should be sent by electronic mail to,, or submitted by hand addressed to the Operations Manager, 31 High & Hadfield Streets, Werk-en-Rust, and Georgetown.

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Silvies Variety Store


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