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EXPIRES 06 Feb, 2023

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Regency Hotel - Hadfield Street


The Regency is looking for a qualified cook to run our kitchen. We are looking for someone who excels in a busy atmosphere, can handle the pressure of a thriving kitchen, and has a high capacity of stamina, creative thinking and attention-to-detail.


To apply for a job as  cook you will need:

  • Minimum 2 years relevant experience

  • Awareness of manual handling techniques

  • Experience of kitchen equipment

  • Experience of dangerous equipment such as knives

  • Competent level of English spoken and written


This role is made up of many varying responsibilities including:

  • Controlling and directing the food preparation process

  • Approving and polishing dishes before they reach the customer

  • Managing and working closely with other cooks of all levels

  • Creating menu items, recipes and developing dishes ensuring variety and quality

  • Determining food inventory needs, stocking and ordering

  • Ultimately responsible for ensuring the kitchen meets all regulations including sanitary and food safety guidelines

  • Being responsible for health and safety

  • Being responsible for food hygiene practices


Alongside some of these more general skills, all good cook should possess:

  • Excellent knowledge of all sections

  • Ability to produce excellent high-quality food

  • Good oral communication

  • Team management skills

  • High level of attention to detail

  • Good level of numeracy

  • Enthusiasm to develop your own skills and knowledge plus those around you

  • Adaptability to change and willingness to embrace new ideas and processes

  • Ability to work unsupervised and deliver quality work 

  • Positive and approachable manner

  • Team player qualities

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Regency Suites

Regency Suites


Established city hotel.
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