Trainee Copier Technician at Metro Office & Computer supplies

Important: Please ensure that you meet the general requirements of this job.

Job Requirements

  1. Call up in the mornings to all the locations to check on individual machine status,

       keep a record of the problems that are being related by 9:00am:


  1. Updating daily machine count from the various locations as follows:


  1. Stock Room Inventory control and monitor stock to ensure no part or 

consumable is exhausted, re-order level to be given to the Managers so parts 

    can be requested in a timely manner.


  1. Updating machine files according to the job sheets and requisitions on the system along with the manual record.


  1. Preparing requisitions for parts to be taken from the stockroom and ensuring all the job sheets for the respective requisitions are signed and completed properly.


  1. Record and complete job sheets for the testing and servicing of machines and printers brought in by external clients.


  1. Troubleshooting of problems that may arise at the various centers so that problems can be resolved posthaste.


  1. Any other task that may arise pertaining to machines at the various locations

  • 5 Subjects CXC Grade 1-3(Inclusive of Mathematics, English A , Technical Drawing &Information Technology)

I meet these requirements

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