HSE Officer

Full Time
EXPIRES 29 Sep, 2022

Job Location

Aurora (Gold Fields)


  •  Has knowledge about ISO 45001
  • Create and implement HSE rules for the mining site
  • Conduct training for employees about new and existing company HSE code
  • Make safety check on the mine site and rectify discrepancies 
  • Conduct emergency drills
  • Compile reports monthly and weekly


  1. Male, with a bachelor's degree or above/ Nebosh qualifications
  2. Should have at least 3-5 years of working experience in a similar capacity
  3. Should have specific knowledge and experience of well construction or underground mine safety management.
  4. Have good communication and coordination ability and strong execution ability.
  5. Familiar with the country's safety and environmental protection laws and regulations.
  6. Be able to operate Word, Excel, and other office software skillfully.


  1. Conscientiously study, publicize, implement and enforce the instructions and regulations on safety and environmental protection, and occupational health from the higher level, and implement the safety production management rules and regulations of the subsidiary company.
  2. Participate in revising the subsidiary's safety production occupational health responsibility system, safety production rules and regulations, operating procedures, and production safety accident emergency rescue plan.
  3. Assist the department to carry out good safety production education and training for employees on a regular basis and record the safety production education and training truthfully; convince and educate employees to comply with rules and regulations and establish a good sense of responsibility for safety production.
  4. Supervise the implementation of safety management measures for major hazards in subsidiaries. And strengthen the detection of toxic and harmful gases underground, educate and supervise operators to care for and correctly use production facilities, equipment, and PPE, and standardize operating procedures.
  5. Organize or participate in emergency rescue drills of the subsidiary company, and do the detection of underground occupational health protection dust.
  6. An in-depth worksite safety inspection, the safety hazards, and unsafe factors found, put forward rectification advice and urge the rectification department to implement rectification, and put forward suggestions to improve safety production management.
  7.  Stop and correct the violation of rules and regulations of operating procedures.
  8. Supervise the implementation of the unit's safety production rectification measures.
  9. Do a good job of daily safety hazards, rectification and implementation, accident treatment and other record ledgers, various types of production safety accidents, with good accident reporting, rescue, investigation, and analysis, and staff education.
  10. Work diligently with duties assigned by Management.



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Gold Mountain Construction INC


We are an underground mining contractor attached to Aurora Gold Mining (AGM)
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