Facilities Manager

Full Time
EXPIRES 04 Jul, 2021

Job Location

Prashad Nagar, Georgetown, Guyana


Position Overview 

Georgetown International Academy Inc. (GIA) is seeking a Facilities Manager to manage the School’s physical plant and to conduct maintenance of staff apartments and facilities. 

GIA is seeking candidates with a strong character, a passion for excellence and the capacity to work expeditiously to support the School’s mission and vision. 



Qualifications and Experience: 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering management or related field; 
  • 5 years working experience in the same or similar field and in managing projects;
  • Thorough knowledge of school policies and procedures;
  • Excellent computer, interpersonal, organizational, time management & prioritization skills; 
  • Excellent team building skills; 
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills; 


Reports to and is Evaluated by: Head of School and Business Manager 

Interfaces with: Principal, Faculty, Administrative and general staff 

Job Responsibility: As the Head of Facilities: 

  • Prepare documents to put out tenders for contractors;
  • Oversight for all required documentation (including quotations, contracts, invoices and SOP’s) for all GIA’s general maintenance and construction projects;
  • Project manage, supervise and coordinate the work of contractors;
  • Coordinate general facilities maintenance activities on school campus and teachers’ apartments; 
  • Responsible for managing the school’s physical plant and coordination of construction projects on school campus; 

General Performance Responsibilities includes

Maintenance of Facilities

  • Ensure that the school’s facilities are functional each day and has a planned preventative maintenance program; 
  • Establish a maintenance routine and checkup cycle for each system; 
  • Provide estimated replacement dates for equipment; 
  • Make recommendations to Head of School for improvements in buildings and grounds; 
  • Execute decisions pertaining to buildings and grounds and maintenance; ○ Address maintenance matters at the teachers’ apartments and act as liaison between school personnel and the landlord; 
  • Represent GIA’s best interest at all times when working with contractors and other stakeholders; 
  • Supervise and manage all construction and capital projects; 

Supervisory Responsibilities 

  • Supervision of all facilities department staff and their respective functions; 
  • Maintain records of their attendance, job performance and conduct their job evaluations; 
  • Schedule regular maintenance staff team meetings; 
  • Inform maintenance staff members of expectations, policies, regulations and procedures;
  • Prepare work schedules for maintenance staff to support school wide activities; 

Leadership Responsibilities 

  • Attend weekly leadership meetings and Buildings and Grounds committee meetings when requested; 
  • Prepare written monthly reports for the Facilities department. 

Apply now

Please submit resumes, police clearance and contact information for at least two professional references to: joinourteam@giagy.org or 9-10 Delhi Street, Prashad Nagar, Georgetown, no later than June 25, 2021.


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Georgetown International Academy Inc.


Established in 1971, our school was founded to provide an American based education in Guyana to serve U.S. embassy families. We grew to serve other local diplomatic as well as multinational business communities. As the only U.S. accredited educational institution in the country, we look within and beyond Guyana in order to benchmark our programs, faculty, facilities, and results against the finest international schools in the region. Situated on a secure campus located in the Prashad Nagar neighborhood of Georgetown, we offer the most robust academic and extracurricular programs of any school in the country.
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