Students Affairs Manager

Full Time
EXPIRES 15 May, 2021

Job Location

2442 Track A Plantation Providence EBD


Overall Management of  Students Affairs



Bachelor’s Degree 

Certificate course related to Human Resource - People Management

10 to 15 years of People Management experience. Having an MBA would be an added advantage


"The Overall Roles & Responsibilities are:
1. Policy
a. To represent students' interests in all policy decisions made by the board.
b. To align board policies with students' changing needs, particularly as the University enrolls a more diverse student body.
c. To ensure that students handbook is strictly implemented and regularly reviewed.
d. To supervise and facilitate the implementation of student disciplinary policies and procedures.
e. Coordinate with the Deans and/or department chairpersons in communicating with students regarding policies, programs and activities relating to student affairs.
f. Develops, implements, monitors, and reviews tactical and operational plans, Standard Operating Process (SOP), systems and support in accordance with the College’s strategic goals, policies, procedures and regulatory requirements.
g. Be actively involved in the designing, implementation of SOP/policies for Student Affairs departments in TAU – Guyana campus. Implementation and Approval of Document Change Requests  and forward the same to the Quality Department for indexing.

2. Student Management
a. To report to the management all issues affecting the students and administration.
b. Researching and performing student counseling related to admissions and  financial aid.
c. To develop a comprehensive student support system
d. Promoting a campus learning environment in which every student can maximize his or her performance both in and out of the classroom, regardless of identity or background;
e. Empowering students to play active roles in community, matching their skills and needs to those of society
f. Communicating with students in a timely manner about issues and information which are of importance to their lives as students.
g. To coordinate with departments in TAU – Guyana campus to facilitate and maximize engagement with the regard to Student Affairs. 

3. Student Welfare
a. Coordination of housing/hostel accommodations.
b. Coordination of co-curricular and extracurricular activates for students that would make them a better individual serving the community and the university.
c. To develop, implement, monitor and evaluate programs and activities appertaining to student welfare. 
d. To promote the campus as a community.
e. To supervise provision of student support services.
f. Ensuring that student safety, insurance and welfare are adequately addressed;
g. Plans, organizes, directs, and administers activities and services that support students in assigned areas, and ensures that such activities and services remain with budgetary limits.

4. Student Grievances
a. Make the students aware of their rights and obligations under the University grievance procedures as listed in students hand book (especially the deadlines that have been established).  
b. To guide students on the proper channel to raise such grievances so that the same are quick redressed. 
c. Responding to and resolving student complaints, grievances, and formal written appeals, including coordinating with relevant departments where needed.
5. Discipline
a. Oversee the day-to-day operational issues associated with students, e.g. missing uniform, grooming, attire, punctuality, absences etc. 
b. To supervise coordination with parents/guardians of students concerning the latter’s academic and disciplinary standing as well as general welfare
6. Committees
a. Will ensure that Student Affairs Committee meets as per schedule and provides constructive feedback for the overall improvement of TAU.
b. Will participate in all other committees as per requirement.
c. Will respond effectively and in timely manner to queries raised by other committees to Student Affairs Committee.
7. General
a. Develops and facilitates information sessions, presentations, and workshops related to assigned area of Student Affairs.

8. Reports : To send daily, weekly and monthly reports as per formats provided



Remuneration will be discussed at the interview.


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Texila American University

Lot 2442, Plantation Providence, East Bank Demerara, Guyana

Telephone # 592-265-7651 / 265-7652 / 265-7650

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