Content Writer at Consult PR Inc.

Important: Please ensure that you meet the general requirements of this job.

Job Requirements

Qualifications (Required): 

  • Lives and works in Guyana, South America.
  • Google and/or MS Office Suite proficiency.
  • ​Excellent verbal fluency and excellent written English language skills.
  • Needs to be a very good, experienced and organized content writer.


Qualifications (Preferred):

  • Bachelor's Degree (Business, Marketing, Literature, Communications) or equivalent work experience
  • ​Experience in a Leadership role
  • Prefer work experience in journalistic/ writing field and/or English teaching, etc.
  • Prefer work experience in organization, task management, and timeline oriented roles.
  • Prefer familiarity with social media platforms & things that are “new and exciting” on the internet.



  • Excellent computer skills
  • ​High comfort level with working virtually
  • Dependable internet connection, quiet work from home environment, modern reliable laptop/ computer with a webcam.
  • Required post-hire:  Electricity backup (UPS battery, or inverter battery, or generator)...note the firm will assist newly hired team members in this regard if such a facility is not yet in place. 
I meet these requirements

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