Arrow Chat Moderator (Work from home - Day Shift)

Full Time
EXPIRES 18 Jan, 2022

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As a chat moderator you would be tasked with taking part in, and maintaining, online text-based chat conversations on one or more online social community platforms.

You do not need to make a commute to an office to take part as the job can be performed from the comfort of your own living-room, or wherever you choose to logon. All that is required is an internet connection and a computer.

As an Arrow moderator you will be required to work flexibly during one (or optionally more) 6 to 8 hour shift for 5 - 7 days! 

This job list timing is for 11 am to 6pm. 

If you are looking for other shift timings, kindly check the company page for any other job listings that host your desired timing.

Even those without prior experience may apply for this position. Both experienced moderators, as well as those with less experience, are trained extensively by the team leads and trainers.

If you have a current contract with another chatting company, do not bother applying. We do not support "neutral" parties. 

Here, at Arrow, we take confidence in our work, as well as pride. As such, We do not expect any chat moderator to go "missing" or to expect an easy "gig" for money.

You are here to do the job, because you want Arrow to grow, and of course, more jobs to become available within your communities.  

The most important factors to success as a chat moderator are imagination, open-mindedness and motivation. 

These are troubling times, as such, having the privilege to work at home, should be respected with timely log-ins and other professional behaviours. 

We very much hope to hear from you soon! 



  • Openness to engage with erotic dialogues
  • 18+ years old
  • PC / laptop ownership with reliable broadband connection
  • Desire to work at least 6 - 8 hours per day, (an average of 6 days)
  • Able to work as a freelancer
  • Open minded, good sense of humour
  • An ability to embrace the unusual
  • Must communicate efficiently with team leaders


Moderators should be mature and open-minded enough to engage with adult dialogues and provide high quality written content on the chat platforms.

The current platform requires the creation of a fantasy experience designed to entertain the customers, cultivate a rapport, make them feel good about themselves and make them want to come back for more fulfilling fantasy experiences. All of the chat platforms our moderators work on are accessed via an online chat interface that allows you to communicate with customers no matter where you happen to be.

Meet message goals set per shift, and operate on a time-based fashion.



This is a FULL time job based on an average time of 6 to 8 hours of work, with the salaries of many of our agents being $60,000 to $80,000



Apply now

Apply through skilled-guyanese for quick recruitment through skype & e-mail. All job offers are emailed. The email we use is the one you have listed on skilled-guyanese. Please check your listed email to ensure it is updated. 

Applicants are given priority and feedback as we check the SKILLED GUYANESE first. 
You may also apply to "" with the appropriate timing, being the subject of the letter.

Common Reasons Why Your Application Was Not Given A Chance:

- Faulty Grammatical Issues

- Send Resume / CV not "I meet the requirements"

- Please do not copy and paste another job's application and come expecting to work with us with such lazy behaviour.






Apply Online
You may alternatively apply for this job online with your SkilledGuyanese profile.
Your application will be emailed to the employer immediately.
Then, the employer will be able to view your application on our website.


Arrow Chatting


Arrow is a company based out of Guyana that is successful and well-respected in the chat moderation space. At Arrow, we provide those who work with us with the option of earning an income as a chat moderator anywhere in Guyana. All that’s needed is a computer and an internet connection. Our company simultaneously provides quality and expertise to our clients and their customers. For the chat moderators working with Arrow, we offer an uncomplicated, flexible and exciting way to earn a reliable monthly income as a self-employed freelance moderator – either part-time or full-time.
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