Exams Manager

Full Time
EXPIRES 24 Sep, 2021

Job Location

2442 Track A Plantation Providence EBD


Responsible for Coordinating and conducting examination for students on time.

Overall Management of Examinations Department


Bachelor’s Degree / MBA

Certificate course related to Examinations

15 to 25 years experience. 



1) Manage Paper based or Online examinations through allotted resources
2) Responsible for maintaining 100% confidentiality when the question papers are printed, copied, stored and released for examination. Further, receives answer papers, store, and provide it for correction within the campus designated area.
3) Responsible to ensure all other Assessment tests ( Mid Terms , Practical Exams )are conducted in fair manner.
4) Ensure that the assessments tests are collated for final grade preparation.
5) Responsible for reporting all suspected or actual incidents of malpractice.
6) Manages the administration of internal and external examinations.
7) Be part of the Governance of Examination Board.
8) Coordinate and ensure that all mid-term and unit tests are conducted through LMS in the RIGHT manner when and where required. Also to ensure that all IT systems are in place for the examinations to be conducted in a smooth manner. In case of issues, escalation to be done through proper channels.
9) Audit and ensure that questions in LMS are to required standards
10) To ensure that at suitable question bank is prepared for all courses either by TAU faculty or external sources or through books purchased
11) Advises the senior leadership team, subject and class tutors, and other relevant support staff on exams timetables and procedures.
12) Be responsible for issuing students with their No objection certificates to appear for the exams after other signatures are obtained & after checking compliance of student on all policy matters.
13) Be responsible for the framing, review and execution  of the examination policy as well as and dissemination of the same to all stake holders
14) Be final approval authority for all data entry of examination  and assessment related data on the university’s MIS and ensuring there are paper backup files in case of ICT failure.
15) Review and update regularly key documents such as; risk assessments, controlled assessment guidance and examinations policy.
16) Produce or update student and teacher examination guides annually.
17) Check with teaching staff that the necessary coursework and/or controlled assessments are completed on time.
18) Ensure students' coursework / controlled assessment marks are submitted by the lecturer on a set time frame.
19) Communicate with the Vice Chancellor, Registrar, Dean, Acting Dean and Academic Head to get and confirm the exams date fixed in by the exam department .
20) Set and communicate deadline for receiving the question papers from the lecturers. To communicate with the lecturer for the topics to be evaluated in the respective subject. Further, to communicate with the examination admin team in India to set the question paper online and test it for function. If the question paper is not submitted on the set deadline at least one week in advance to the examination week, he/she shall escalate the same to the academic head and the management immediately.
21) On monthly/Weekly/Daily basis remind and communicate with Colleges and examination admin team in India until the question paper is received and completely set.
22) Communicate and get confirmation on the release dates for the results to the students along with the mode of release from the registrar’s office.
23) Be responsible for the distribution of results to students on examinations results day using the approved mode of release.
24) Arrange for re-marks, as requested and deal with queries about exam results from the examination board.
25) Check certificates on arrival and assist in the preparation for presentation event or other ways of distributing certificates to candidates in line with exam board regulations.
26) Create mock exams and ensure that all students are trained in the exam system before taking up exams.
27) Obtain moderator reports and distribute to Head of Faculty and relevant heads of offices.
28) Be responsible to appoint invigilators as necessary
29) Be the Guardian for the overall INTEGRITY of the exams


1) Be responsible for ensuring all examination board deadlines are met.
2) Be responsible for the construction of examination timetables when exam details are released, in liaison with the leadership team, in order to determine issues related to invigilation, study leave and general planning.
3) Ensure all exam timetables are uploaded in LMS and also distributed to students and staff in a timely manner.
4) Be responsible for managing all examination clashes and making appropriate alternative provisions during clashes.
5) Manage the room changes arising from exams displacing lessons in teaching rooms (If any ) .
6) Line manage the senior exams invigilator in organising the recruitment, training, and monitoring of a team of exams invigilators responsible for the conduct of exams.
7) Be responsible for planning the practical elements of the examination process, such as; producing seating plans, supplying appropriate stationery in exam rooms, correct signage, examination papers distribution and attendance monitoring. In case of ONLINE Exams – seating arrangements to be made in proper manner.
8) Be responsible for ensuring that all completed exam answer papers are checked, sorted, prepared and dispatched according to standard regulations.
9) Be responsible at the end of each exam for the; packaging, secure storage and dispatch of completed scripts to faculties for marking and corrections.

Assessment and Data

1) Be responsible for ensuring quality assurance checks are performed on the examination entry and results data.
2) Liaise with the Examination Committee, in order to check statistics and examination results information before publication.
3) Administer and prepare statistical report of the exam results and send a copy to the academic head registrar’s office, Vice Chancellor and President’s.
4) Prepare annually exam results data and general student data packs for classroom teachers ready for the 1st day of the new academic year.
5) Be responsible for auditing the grades updated in ERP before release to students.


1) Keep abreast of developments with relation to examinations and assessment and seek appropriate training if required to support those development.

On Line Exams

1) Ensure that the work flow related to on line exams is adhered to in totality  (Annexures 1 to 4).  All annexures have the same legal validity as the main contract.

Other Duties

1) Ensure availability during term-time holidays in critical weeks when examination results are released and analysed.
2) Be flexible and work according to needs which may involve assisting other areas whichcommensurate with the grading of the post.
3) To maintain arm’s-length conduct with all students when need for communication arises.
4) Perform any other lawful duties assigned by the management or by the Vice Chancellor (and in his absence to Senior Administrator or any other Personnel designated by the management).
5) Perform any other lawful duties as assigned.

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Texila American University

Lot 2442, Plantation Providence, East Bank Demerara, Guyana

Telephone # 592-265-7651 / 265-7652 / 265-7650

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