Operations Engineer (Junior)

Full Time
EXPIRES 30 Jun, 2022

Job Location



  • BSc in Engineering
  • Experience in a similar role
  • Ability to analyze technical and financial data


  • Ensure that the production/process capability on the marine unit is maintained at the highest practical level and that any production/process downtime is minimized;
  • Day-to-day onshore technical monitoring, direction, following the planning and technical support for production/process activities on board the unit;
  • Coordinate efficiently between the asset group, the offshore facility, the engineering support group, vendors and the client (Organizing vendors, suppliers and sub-contractors to provide maintenance, technical support and spares required for production/process equipment on the unit and onshore when necessary)
  • Follow up with regulatory compliance team and make sure adequate operations support is provided for class issues, local regulations and flag
  • Manage continuous improvement and optimization of the business tool
  • Visit the offshore unit on a regular basis, to follow-up engineering activities;
  • Analyze technical and financial data to be able to propose improvements
  • Ensure implementation of optimization initiatives
  • Follow up on progress of with planner and maintenance coordinator on 90 days annual operations plan and three year Operations Plan
  • Follow up on Implementation of company standards and MS verifications offshore and onshore. Follow-up on the closeout of the suggestions for the Business Process Improvement Request (BPIR) of the unit.
  • Develop and maintain GEMs procedures, processes (be a GEMS champion)
  • Respond adequately to Client queries (with a high quality level)
  • Propose optimizations and brownfield initiatives to the client
  • Have a global understanding of supporting activities (Health Safety Security and Environment (HSSE), contracts, procurement, logistics, finance, Human Resources (HR)) to be able to bridge gaps
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NSBomega, from its headquarters in St. John’s, Canada and Stavanger, Norway proudly serves its clients’ projects throughout the world. With over 30 years proven experience, NSBomega continues to grow to expand its global footprint and is actively seeking business opportunities across the world. Our clients are industry leaders and rely on our ability to mobilize personnel throughout the world. With world-class service in mind, NSBomega Guyana Inc, a majority Guyanese and woman owned entity, started in 2018 with the goal to serve Guyana’s developing Oil & Gas Industry.
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