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EXPIRES 13 May, 2022

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Georgetown, Guyana


Objective: Provide support to IOM in the process of developing a four-year strategy for the Caribbean.

Purpose of the Strategy: Ensure a cohesive approach to migration in the sub-region and use the strategy for further discussions with key counterparts including governments, donors, civil society, and UN agencies.

The objective of the assignment is to support IOM in developing a sub-regional strategy for the Caribbean for 2023-2026. The consultant is expected to help facilitate consultations and combine inputs from IOM representation in the sub-region to the end of develop the written final draft1 of the Strategy. The process of developing this strategy will also be an opportunity to reflect on past efforts, performance and challenges faced in the sub-region to ensure that the new strategy takes these elements into consideration


The methodology proposed is a three-phase approach as described below, which will be further expanded upon by the recruited consultant in consultation with IOM’s offices in Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominica, Belize, The Bahamas, Cuba, The Dominican Republic and Haiti. IOM is open to considering how the consultant may wish to adjust the methodology.

During the first phase, home-based document review will take place where the consultant will review documents to familiarise themselves with IOM and its work in the Caribbean. Relevant documentation will include the IOM Regional Strategy, the IOM Strategic Vision, Caribbean Migration Governance Indicator Profiles, Caribbean Migration Governance Needs Assessments and Reports, and information on IOM’s work in the Sub-region.

During this first phase, the consultant will also undertake initial key informant interviews with key IOM staff in the Sub-region in order to prepare for the second phase of strategic discussions.

External stakeholders: IOM suggests considering a limited number of external stakeholders from Government counterparts, UN, donors and possibly civil society that could be interviewed by the consultant. Interviews could be done near the end of the process as part of validation as well. IOM is keen to have the consultant’s viewpoint on how to incorporate these perspectives. The second phase will facilitate strategic discussions. Some of these may be home-based but will include structured meetings with individual missions, offices and representatives in the sub-region and culminate with the consultant facilitating a strategic consultative event for key IOM staff in the sub-region. This would include leadership and other key staff of the missions, offices and individual representatives of the countries identified in the first section of these Terms of Reference, along with a representative(s) of the IOM Regional Office in Costa Rica. This workshop will provide an opportunity to merge all information collected through the interviews, meetings and document review.

While not all staff may participate in the meetings held in this phase, the consultant should ensure that the inputs of as many staff as possible are captured, especially those who work with a regional focus. To ensure this, the consultant will be expected to propose a more detailed methodology of this phase, through which IOM staff in the sub-region can be engaged through the aforementioned meetings and requested to share their experiences, challenges and the opportunities they see for the sub-region.

The third phase will consist of writing the strategy. The strategy should be no longer than 15 pages (excluding annexes). The strategy should also fit with the global efforts of IOM in terms of the IOM Strategic Vision, other organizational efforts and current governance restructuring and should give full consideration to issues related to gender. To monitor implementation of the new strategy and track progress, a results-monitoring framework and action plan for the first year of implementation will also be developed. The Strategy will be written in English.

After drafting the strategy, the consultant will circulate the first draft for comments from IOM staff in each country where IOM is represented in the Sub-region. When these comments are incorporated, a final validation workshop will be facilitated by the Consultant featuring the participation of the same group of IOM staff which participated in the strategic consultative event in the second phase, after which a final draft of the strategy will be produced for IOM’s review and approval.


The Consultant should be familiar with and able to use various virtual tools such as Teams, Zoom for webinars and Mural or Miro for collecting information and brainstorming during the sessions. Should the consultant be familiar with other platforms for virtual facilitation, suggestions are welcome. 

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The consultant will work closely with and under the guidance of the Regional Coordination Officer for the Caribbean and the Project Manager, both based in the IOM Guyana Country Office and Regional Coordination Office for the Caribbean. IOM will provide relevant documentation and suggest key informants for the interviews. Guidance and advice from the IOM Regional Office in Costa Rica will be useful to ensure that the process is in line with IOM’s approach globally and in the region.

The Project Manager, Project Coordinators and other support staff will help the consultant organise the meetings and workshops to ensure smooth registration and participation. These same staff will provide technical support to the consultant during the meetings.

The Consultant will be responsible for providing the necessary information, tools, guidance for consultations with IOM staff, external stakeholders (if included) and facilitating all processes as well as writing the final draft of the IOM Sub-regional strategy

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Interested applicants should speak English – Spanish and/or French would also be an advantage – and should submit the following:

- Proposal for how s/he will conduct the strategy in relation to the Terms of Reference and proposed methodology

- Examples of previous strategy development work including proven experience in migrationrelated themes and in virtual facilitation, preferably in the Caribbean

- 3 references

- CV

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IOM works to help ensure the orderly and humane management of migration, to promote international cooperation on migration issues, to assist in the search for practical solutions to migration problems and to provide humanitarian assistance to migrants in need, including refugees and internally displaced people.
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