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EXPIRES 08 Dec, 2022

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Provides professional, strategic, and technical support in the design, development, and implementation of marketing programs and promotions in the market. Supervises directs and supports marketing department staff in the execution of marketing plans and promotions. Monitors and advises on the execution of effective marketing activities within the targeted market


 Associate or Undergraduate degree in Marketing and/or Business Management from a recognized institution. Relevant experience of seven (7) to ten (10) years may be considered in the absence of such qualifications; or a minimum of three (3) to five (5) years’ relevant experience with Associate or Undergraduate qualifications.

Customer Service Training

Certificate in Computer Applications, including but not limited to Microsoft Office Suite


Responsible for providing complete information to the promotional team regarding all promotions to be executed.

 Responsible for submitting the agent weekly promotions schedule to the Corporate Director of Marketing & Promotions along with the marketing staff weekly work schedule and a copy of the promotions posters already placed at the agent locations.

Responsible for having the promotions posters placed at the agent locations the week before the promotions are running.

Assists in the implementation and/or deployment of promotional materials.

Responsible for submitting a weekly work schedule with a detailed list of tasks to be performed in that week.

Responsible for driving headcount to the agent locations through the use of the database marketing to increase revenue. (Client database).

Responsible for coordinating efforts with other departments and within the marketing department to schedule, plan, implement and use analysis for all promotions.

Responsible for facilitating and running all electronic promotion functions, including, but not limited to, email, text, Facebook, and Twitter.

Makes sure that the marketing representatives are all actively using Facebook, Twitter & Yammer in order to ensure that headcounts at promotions can be increased.

Completes all required promotional paperwork to ensure compliance (iPad Marketing Transactions)

Participates in the planning, establishment, and the designing of goals and objectives for promotions; pictures/events, database marketing, budgets, patron reinvestment, promotions, internal and external communication, analysis, facility requirements, technology updates, equipment, and logistical requirements.

Attends weekly promotions with the marketing team.

Evaluates direct mail strategies based on analysis, history, and budget to determine successes and suggest improvements.

Submits daily/weekly/monthly reports on promotions.

Works with other departments and organizations on promotions/event, and keeps other departments informed.

Responsible for updating the marketing budget and the free play reports on a weekly basis.

Responsible for maintaining absolute confidentiality of all written and oral information.

Assists with the development of the calendar of events and is responsible for its 6 distribution for publication.

Creates, among others, monthly newsletter, birthday and new enrollment mail pieces.

Responsible for training and marketing representatives.


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CAGE Guyana Inc.


Caribbean CAGE, LLC (CAGE) was founded in 2004 for the purpose of bringing a superior Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) system and exciting new game content to targeted Caribbean countries with the goal of enhancing local economies and creating local entrepreneurial and employment opportunities. Subsequent opportunities have presented themselves in specific Latin American countries adding South America to CAGE's geographic area of interest. CAGE recognizes the uniqueness of each Caribbean and Latin American nation and therefore works directly with government entities to ensure that CAGE's presence will work to further the country's economic and public interest pursuits.
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