Learning and Development Manager

Full Time
EXPIRES 13 Jul, 2022

Job Location

Main Street, Georgetown


  • Demonstrated experience in adult learning theory, performance support strategies, and instructional technologies.
  • Ability to drive execution and results, make good decisions, and anticipate the impact of actions
  • Strong dedication to customer service
  • Demonstrated ability to recruit, to manage and motivate a team of training professionals.

Excellent written and oral communication skills; attention to detail; superior organizational skills and a strong work ethic


  • Bachelor’s degree in Management, HR or a related field
  • 4 years of corporate training experience, at least 2 of which must be at the management level


  • Actively defines and manages the company-wide learning architecture,  that addresses individual and business unit needs
  • Spearheads change management interventions, as well as performance improvement initiatives, inclusive of team building activities, succession planning etc
  • Ensures that every L&D intervention has clear business focused aims, that enable robust evaluation of the solution’s effectiveness and measurement of return on investment
  • Incorporates innovative and contemporary learning methodologies, using cutting edge technology, such as immersive learning paths, gamification, expert communities, cohort learning as well as new modalities such as MOOCs etc
  • Identifies and prepares development plans for key employees, HiPos and those ready for promos as well as recommends the rotation of best talents throughout the Company
  • Acts as the performance improvement driver and provokes positive changes in people management
  • Designs organization vitality charts as the performance of the business unit improves
  • Provides mentoring and development of instructors to ensure quality delivery that meets learning objectives
  • Creates an L&D budget model that balances speed, technology and efficiency so that allocation is based on business priorities
  • Participates as employee transition team as needed for restructuring and support to employee groups that are affected

 All other related duties

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Unicomer Guyana Inc

25-26 Main Street



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Unicomer Guyana Inc


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