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The cleaner will be responsible for the cleaning and servicing of all areas that are designated for her, including private rooms, washrooms, wards, offices, and other areas as required. The job duties are critical as cleanliness is of the highest priority in the hospital.


High school education


  1. Sweep and mop all assigned areas, such as the front entrance, ground floor, cashier's office, doctors’ offices, receptionist areas, etc.
  2. Clean elevator inside and outside, including walls, doors, and floors.
  3. Sweep and mop the Lunchroom.
  4. Wipe tables and chairs in the lunchroom.
  5.  Sweep and mop steps.
  6. Wipe rails.
  7. Clean windows and walls.
  8. Scrub and maintain floor tiles.
  9. Clean all doors, mirrors, and glass windows in offices, wards, etc.
  10.  Dry clean chairs.
  11. Sweep and mop washrooms.
  12. Clean toilet bowls.
  13.  Empty washroom bins and wipe bin covers.
  14. Placing appropriate ‘Caution Signs’ at all times when mopping.
  15. Taking soiled linen to the laundry room and recording it.
  16. Collect all linen from operating room/labour room as soon as the nurse finishes a case. Assist to sluice or wash blood, liquor, stool, urine, vomit off; and then wash, dry, pack and return to area or stock linen cupboard.
  17. Inform the supervisor of any torn/damaged linen/bins, etc.
  18. Report any sharps left on linen/in the bin, etc. to your supervisor.
  19. Cleaning of private rooms, including TV, walls, bathrooms, toilets, sinks, refrigerators, windows, chairs etc.
  20. Cleaning of water dispenser.
  21. Removing garbage and replacing garbage bins with appropriate bin liners such as red or black.
  22. Wash slippers and wipe shoe rack daily.
  23. Washing and maintaining all buckets, mops, and any other equipment that is used.


Gross monthly salary $180,000.

Paid Annual Leave

Health insurance for you and your immediate family.

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