Inventory Personnel

Full Time
EXPIRES 24 Aug, 2022

Job Location

Subryanville Georgetown




1/ 5 CSEC Passes in grade 1-3

2/ Have a valid driver’s license

3/ Have a working knowledge of construction tools and equipment and safety procedures when using tools.

4/Be able to multi-task

5/ Willing to visit construction sites.

6/ Working knowledge of Microsoft office package.

7/Team player

8/Recent police clearance


  1. Keep track of inventory movement and what is in stock from the store room. (Work along with the bond clerk with physically checking inventories in stock and records of inflow or outflow of tools and equipment)
  2. Liaise with demi with the imports, record, add to pool supplies list, and deduct when utilizing or sold (To be updated based on activities daily in both soft and hard copy)
  3. Work along with Sarah with the purchase of inventories locally. (Registering new assets date of purchase)
  4. Liaise with the purchasing personnel before purchasing to see what is in stock in storage, office, sites, and lot (to avoid double purchase)
  5. Work along with the site managers in sorting and tracking tools on site and when they would need tools or equipment to plan accordingly.
  6. Keep updated track of tools and equipment usage time, conditions, servicing, and fixing of issues with tools and equipment.
  7. Visiting each site weekly to do a physical check on the conditions and usage of tools. Work along with the managers on safety procedures to implement when handling tools to get the maximum lifetime.
  8. Keeping track of materials, tools & equipment at Sophia lot (Have a record of items in-store, send to the site, and received from site). The person will be responsible for going to the lot whenever there is any movement.
  9. Have a weekly update on inventories, tools & equipment on each work site, bond, and lot in soft copy in the shared folder.
  10. Fortnightly report on damage, broken, fix, and new tools.
  11. Any Other Duties from time to time.
  12. All desks should be packed and files labeled a filed away in case of an emergency the files can be easily accessible to any office staff

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American Construction INC


We are a construction company that has been in business for over 25 years in Guyana. We specialize in both residential and commercial buildings as well as swimming pools.
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