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EXPIRES 17 Jul, 2022

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The Information Technology Technician is responsible for assisting the aspects of the management and control of the computer technology and networks operated by Multicinemas (Guyana) Inc (MovieTowne).


  • Degree in IT
  • Experience in related field


  • Assist with the Maintenance of computers operating the Point of Sale systems for the company.
  • Ensure that all computers utilised by the administrative staff of the company are in proper working condition and have the necessary programs installed to ensure productivity by the users.
  • Be “On-Call” and ready to respond should an emergency occur which requires immediate attention.
  • Assist with the routine maintenance, upgrade and general repair of the computer systems, networks and peripheral devices (e.g. printers and copiers) used in the day-to-day operations of MovieTowne. This may include replacement of faulty parts and installation of new software and hardware.
  • Source any parts and equipment required for the repair, operation and upgrade of the current computer technology utilized by the company, with the guidance of the I.T. Manager.
  • Additional aspects of the I.T. Technician’s job include:
  • Maintaining the display signs and LED boards for Movietowne,
  • Maintaining the computer hardware and software used by Movietowne’s security personnel,
  • Entering information for new Concessions products into the system,
  • Managing access to and the programming of the telephone system currently in use.

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