Operations Manager

EXPIRES 01 Jul, 2021

Job Location

Providence, East Demarara, Guyana


As an Operations Manager member at Qualfon, you will be responsible for the Development, implementation, enhancement and support of call center systems, technologies and strategies. You will Oversee the daily operations of all department functions, Provides supervision, guidance, coaching, recognition, motivation and training to department personnel. Also, Monitoring execution of business plans to meet the department and business operation expectations.


  • BPO experience at least 1 year
  • Previous experience as a Manager in a call center is a must at least 1 year
  • Proven track record of high performance
  • Schedule Flexibility


  • Manage the operations ensuring the results of the metrics set by the clients.
  • Ensures Qualfon DSG complies with the performance metrics for client satisfaction and exceedingexpectations:
  • Performance Metrics (among others):
    • Scorecard (Client)
    • Quality
    • Adherence
    • Turn Times
    • Throughput
  • Analyzes report statistics and arrival patterns to ensure adequate staffing to ensure established servicelevels are achieved
  • FGD (Focus Group Discussions) to help identify and address concerns from all levels of employees on theaccount.
  • Manage the accounts at the operational level, ensuring the production, cost and financial results of themetrics set internally
  • Ensures Qualfon DSG complies with the internal metrics:
    • Manpower Utilization (Internal Productivity)
    • Attrition
    • Production (hours)
    • Others
    • Forecasts account revenue and spending and to align so that revenue and EBIT goals are being met
  • Understands and maximizes impact on financial performance of the operations department.
  • Manages report of productivity in terms of hours has produced vs. Paid hours
  • Manages statistics on production (hours of operation), operating costs
  • Monitors and analyzes the internal metrics related to the Productivity and Direct Costs, indirect cost, all related to the Financial part
  • Active communication and direct point of contact with the Vendor Management Offices in the US
  • Organizes and attends Conference Calls
  • Uses electronic (E-mail, chat, SMS)
  • Makes and oversees Operational Escalations
  • Strategizes, operates, gives and receives feedback, and escalations.
  • Provides updates as to the performance of the accounts.
  • Analysis of results and Action Plan creation
  • Analyzes areas of opportunity based on results obtained in different operational stages at the strategic leveland produce and implement action plans
  • Identifies gaps
  • Defines action Plans for improvement
    • Develops and implements strategic action plans and workflow processes
    • Brings concerns and suggestions for improvement to the ManCom in their weekly meetings anddeliberations
  • Talent Development
    • Identifies and develop key personnel
    • Provides feedback & coaching in timely manners
    • Identifies and recommends training
    • Identifies gaps in leadership team and create training and development plans to fills gaps as necessary
  • Personnel management
    • Follows up meetings
    • Organizes the agenda
    • Forecasts to department training needs to meet desired FTE
    • Develops and implements programs that enhance employee motivation and maintain positive workenvironment
    • Provides leadership for management initiatives to develop a good communication between its member todrive performance.

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