Mechanical Engineer

Full Time
EXPIRES 24 Jul, 2022

Job Location

Banks DIH - Thirst Park


Successful applicants are required to design and give advice on the building and repair of machinery and equipment; develop quality control systems by improving the mechanical processes and machinery on production lines; investigate problems and faults with machinery, and study ways to improve energy production; install, test and maintain machinery and equipment that produce, transmit or use power; maintain job performance and quality standards.




  • Bsc. in Mechanical Engineering or Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • 5 Years Related Work Experience
  • Understanding & Implementation of Integrated Management Systems using a Process Approach, Risk Management and Sustainable Performance.



Applicants must ensure to:

  • Research the use of energy sources, machinery and materials, study the envirnomental and safety aspects of the planned work.
  • Prepare plans and drawings of machinery, equipment or machine parts, and use computer-aided design software to model plans.
  • Assist to prepare contracts, plan and give advise on equipment and machinery maintenance work. 
  • Calculate cost of work and supervise the building and repair of machines and the systems these machines are part of. 
  • Review and test the completed work.
  • Develop routine and preventative programs and certify that they are adhered to.
  • Overhaul machines at the stipulated time, check plant efficiency regularly and prepare monthly reports.
  • Check the performance of subordinates and deal with staff problems.
  • Facilitate the training, coaching and counceling of subordinate staff, and maintain job performance and quality standards.  


  • Attractive remuneration packages exist for successful candidates including Medical Insurance for Self and Dependent(s), Competitive Salary, Daily and Monthly Beverages and Snacks, respectively.
  • Savings
  • Annual Bonus and Vouchers
  • Opportunities for Career Advancement, Training and Development
  • Et cetera

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Applicants can submit their interests to the Human Resources Executive via email or a hardcopy can be delivered to Banks DIH Limited - Thirst Park.

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Banks DIH Limited


Banks DIH Limited is a publicly-traded company, whose history can be traced back to the 1840s. Known for the diversity in skills and experience it offers its team members, Banks DIH Limited is a leader in manufacturing and employs over 1600 employees around Guyana. Currently Banks DIH Limited is looking for suitably qualified, enthusiastic employees to join our diverse team and form a long-term mutually beneficial relationship.
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