Stock Clerk

Full Time
EXPIRES 20 Jun, 2022

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Regency Hotel - Hadfield Street


A stock/inventory clerk receives merchandise, unpacks it, marks items, stock shelves and issue materials when requested. He/she receives counts, documents and stores items in an orderly manner. He/she will inspect stocks, check expiry dates and look for defects or wear. If he/she finds any damaged or expired products or merchandise, he/she reports this to their supervisors or managers. He/she may also mark stock items with identification tags or other labeling. He/she also keeps records and maintains stock reports. Because this inventory is essential to the function & revenue of a business, administrators make it a point to hire those clerks. These professionals have the important task of making sure that all inventories are ready and accounted for. All of their duties revolve around this task.


  • At least 5 CXC subjects with passes
  • Computer literate (Quickbooks, Microsoft Excel)
  • Your application will be prioritized if you have any prior experience in accounting


Duties of a Stock / Inventory Clerk include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Inventory Receipt of items
  • Identification and packing of items
  • Records of items received and issued
  • Dispersal of goods
  • Ordering of Goods
  • Taking inventory to identify the products or merchandise that needs replenishing in each department in the company
  • Ensuring that the correct shipments are received by comparing invoices with the delivered products.


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Regency Suites

Regency Suites


Established city hotel.
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