Sales Representative

EXPIRES 31 Jul, 2022

Job Location

Lot 169 Charlotte Street, Lacytown, Georgetown, 82, Georgetown, Guyana


The main responsibility of the Sales Representative is to sell aggregates, blocks and concrete throughout Guyana. 


  • Secondary level education with passes in English and Mathematics.
  • In depth Knowledge of the Concrete Industry.
  • Capable of measuring concrete requirements.
  • Working Knowledge of construction materials eg. Blocks and aggregate types available.
  • Good communication skills verbal and written.
  • Exhibit good interpersonal skills and ability to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team.


  1. Conducts site visits to determine quantity estimates/measurements of material required, equipment requirements and any special precautions for the job with attention to safety of the personnel, equipment and environment.
  2. Advises customers about their best options of construction material quality and delivery including providing the Tips sheet that is available.
  3. Provides written quotes to customers inclusive of all conditions of sale.
  4. Collects all monies owed in a timely manner (this includes when additional construction material is delivered).
  5. Establishes with the Batching/Scheduling details of the construction material job (where, when and duration etc).
  6. Maintains records of all customer visits including estimates/measurement taken.
  7. Works closely with respective Coordinators to plan and execute deliveries in the most efficient way possible.
  8. Maintains contact with relevant personnel to ensure material is being delivered in accordance with plan.
  9. Makes periodic site visits to existing customers.
  10. On site for large pours, from time to time, and to assist in the coordination.
  11. Attends relevant planning, operations and Account Receivable meetings.
  12. Liaises with Lab Supervisor in ensuring that mix designs required by customers are duly sent.
  13. Facilitates other construction materials sales to complement concrete requirement, if needed.
  14. Assists in resolving customer complaints.


To  be discussed.

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Coosal's Guyana Constuction Incorporated


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