Customer Service Engineer (Technician)

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EXPIRES 23 Jul, 2022

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The Customer Service Engineer (Technician) provides on-site or off-site corrective or preventative maintenance service to servers, computers, laptops, printers, security devices, and other equipment sold and serviced by the Company. The function of the CSE is to:

  • Carries Out inbound customer calls/ service and escalate customer issues as necessary to the Head-Service Operations
  • Perform Parts installation and Testing and follows Manufacturer’s warranty processes as required and completes all required certification and updates of same as may be required from time to time.
  • Offers after-sales technical support solutions once a product has been purchased.


Job Requirements

  1. A+ and Network+ certification
  2. Certification as a Computer Technician and Printer Technician or equivalent industry experience

Job Experience

  • 3-5 years as a Customer Service Engineer in the IT industry with experience of :
    • Repairing and troubleshooting PCs, Laptops, Printers, MFPs, Plotters
    • Testing and Installing Network Drops or Switches.
    • Software Installation
    • Security Installation - Hardware
    • Cooling, Crimping, Machine Recovery
    • Basic networking and technical proficiency on copier or printer systems.
    • Specific Knowledge of parts and supplies for printers
    • Networking and technical proficiency on copier or printer systems.
    • Re-installation of Printer Drivers
    • Software Solutions specific to printers
    • Placing Printers back on Network and re-configuring
    • Printer workflow management
    • Specific Skills in handling Laser Printers and Multi-function Printers such as:
      • Perform general Services
      • Fuser Assemblies
      • Install maintenance kits
      • Dot Matrix
      • Power Supplies
      • Perform General Services
      • Rollers
      • Install Cables
      • Formatter
      • Print Heads
      • DC Controllers
      • Motors
      • Optical units
      • Carrier Asm
      • ADF Asm
      • Rollers and other parts as needed
    • Hands-on experience with IBM, Lenovo Lexmark, APC and other key brands supported by the Company

Job Skills & Abilities

  • Repairing Printers, PCs, Laptops.
  • Multifunction Units and Plotters.
  • Testing and Installing Network Drops or Switches.
  • Software Installation.
  • Security Installation - Hardware.
  • Server Cooling Solutions.
  • Crimping of LAN Cables.
  • Machine Recovery.
  • Physical Installation of Equipment.
  • Basic Wireless Communication.
  • Networking and technical proficiency on copier or printer systems.
  • Re-installation of Printer Drivers
  • Software Solutions specific to printers
  • Placing Printers back on Network and re-configuring
  • Printer workflow management



  1. Achieves the respective Service Level Agreements (SLAs) on all assigned jobs
  2. Ensures accurate and on-time completion of work details in Alert
  3. Repairing and troubleshooting PCs, Laptops, Printers and other equipment assigned.
  4. Provides user support and hardware repairs on site as needed.
  5. Supports Customers Operating System environment.
  6. Conducts Pre-Sales support as required.
  7. Conducts demonstrations of Company products and services as required.
  8. Ensures confidentiality of all Company and customer assignments and that these jobs are not divulged.
  9. Responsible for the safekeeping of all materials and tools and test equipment assigned to any site.
  10. Accountable for all usage of materials and for the return of any unused materials to the Company Warehouse.
  11. Uses Company delivery notes and requisition forms for all materials and equipment issued, usage and returns.
  12. Liaises with the Service Manager to determine the list of corrective tasks per customer locations and reports on action taken.
  13. Ensures that all defined Company standards for work on site, including aesthetics, material standards, software versions and licenses, are adhered to and met.
  14. Undertaking physical roll-out customer projects: printers and other equipment.
  15. Does training and certification tests as required by manufacturers to be able to support products sold and warrantied by Company.
  16. Carries out any other related duties that may be assigned.
  17. Verify whether machine is under warranty via job sheet issued from Helpdesk
  18. Verify that information on job sheet is accurate (e.g. model, serial no., client contact information, problem description, flow); refer to Manufacturers web-site if necessary, to reference the reported problem
  19. Ascertain if any tools or CDs to be taken to the job site and sign out in log book
  20. Meet and greet client in a polite and professional manner at all times
  21. Clarify problem with client
  22. Verify model and serial no. against that on worksheet, liaises with Service Desk if any discrepancies are identified.
  23. Examine physical state of hardware and log any broken or missing parts
  24. Accurately troubleshoot or diagnose problem with machine, including hardware and software.
  25. Effectively communicate findings to client
  26. If the diagnosed problem can be fixed completely and to the customer’s satisfaction, on site proceed to do so
  27. If the problem cannot be fixed on site identify the next steps to fix the problem (e.g. quotations, parts – warranty or billable)
  28. Ensure that customer site is clean upon completion of job
  29. Document findings on worksheet (e.g. job duration, troubleshooting process, problem etc.)
  30. Ensure that both CSE and end-user/ client signs off on worksheet
  31. De-brief Service Manager and Helpdesk via email regarding client visit
  32. Return tools or CDs if utilized for job to Company and sign off in log book.

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