Technical Security Supervisor

Full Time
EXPIRES 02 Sep, 2022

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  • Culturally sensitive and aware
  • Current Driving License
  • Technical Security Systems Background
  • Technical Qualifications / Certificates – Specific to areas within technical security, CPP or PSP certifications preferred. Computer network certifications desired
  • Three years of practical (hands-on) GENETEC experience
  • Experience in the design of technical security systems. Access Control, CCTV, Fiber Perimeter and Intrusion Detection System, Intercom Systems etc.
  • Technical security gap identification skills. Ability to identify gaps in security that provide an intruder easier access to an asset and ability to identify security hardware deficiency that needs repair
  • Demonstrated ability in all aspects of report preparation, including concept, design and production
  • Well-developed written and oral communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to work well in a team environment
  • Demonstrated ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines
  • Ability to respond to task related pressure – in particular to compressed timelines
  • Demonstrated competency with MS Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, One Note, Visio and SharePoint
  • Demonstrated competency with technical access control systems and CCTV systems
  • Demonstrated commitment to SSHE principles
  • Oil & Gas industry experience is preferred / desirable
  • Ability to read blueprints, drawings, and as-builts.


  • Reports to Security Support Manager
  • As required and in prior coordination with the company's Security management, provide data to, and take functional guidance from the company's Global Security Technical Security Engineers in Houston
  • Effective coordination and management of all technical security systems Maintain knowledge base and currency on security and asset protection technology
  • Manage and coordinate 3rd party security provider contracts that pertain to technical security services; serving as the company's Security Department’s Primary Point-of-Contact for such service providers on all issues pertaining to the contract/s and their scopes of work, with the sole exception of commercial issues
  • The company's Security Department Focal Point / Primary Point-of-Contact for Projects interface, representing the Department in project meetings and other activities with regards to security design and technical advice, and providing recommendations to external (non-security) parties after they have been reviewed and endorsed by the company's Security Management
  • Produce and/or co-ordinate the production of all Technical Security Reporting required of the company's Security department and as requested by a Security Manager; reports may include but not be limited to the following:
    • 1. Anomaly reports – example run reports of invalid access (Attempts to access card readers where the card holder is not authorized)
    • 2. Maintenance reports – Reports detailing equipment supervisory and trouble conditions (Loss of communications, etc.)
    • 3. Bad actor reports – Reports detailing all alarms responded to by operators:
      • a. Use this information to correct devices, doors, equipment to reduce false alarms to less than 20 per 24 hour period
    • 4. Hardware status reports – Reports that show network and computer health (Network performance and utilization, server and PC performance etc.)
    • 5. Genetec health and maintenance reports
    • 6. Reporting of any issues to supervisor
  • Responsible for assuring that the Access Control and CCTV systems are resilient along with all connected devices
  • Support the company's Security Operations Centre (SOC) activities including security monitoring, camera monitoring, as well as other assigned responsibilities
  • Responsible for continually obtaining relevant advanced Genetec certifications for both video and access control
  • Responsible for creation of a Genetec operator training syllabus as well as providing and implementing the required training
  • Create tests with randomized test questions to assure operator competency
  • Prepare presentations for various Security training activities
  • Develop and maintain a Maintenance Spreadsheet to control and manage required spare parts for technical security systems
  • Responsible for monitoring various equipment and software warranties, licenses and equipment repairs, including shipping, tracking and returns / exchanges
  • Responsible to log all system issues as well as updating the status, progress as well as when the issue has been resolved (i.e. Technical Security Gap Tracker)
  • Maintain an inventory list of all installed and spare equipment along with model number, version, quantity, including testing, commissioning and hand-over documentation / reports (as applicable). Maintain lists and databases of ‘Security Critical Equipment’
  • Maintain Process & Instrumentation Diagrams for Security Systems
  • If required, maintain applicable country-specific Security Regulatory documentation e.g. MTSA / TWIC / CFATS / CTPAT
  • Ensure that updates are performed to software, firmware, operating systems, SQL, virus protection etc. to ensure that it is compliant with company requirements
  • Ensure that only EMIT and GS approved devices are installed on the EM network
  • Responsible to assure that the security network is hardened from cybersecurity threats. This includes preventing the installation of equipment that has embedded malware
  • Develop, maintain and manage the Technical Security Systems Preventative Maintenance Job Schedule (PMJS)
  • Attend on-site and remote training sessions
  • Prepare and preserve documentation to evidence that those operating the technical security system have had the proper training
  • Supervise new security installations to assure that the system is installed with quality, follows corporate RP and GP standards, Industry standards (including NEC, NFPA, TIA / EIA as well as other applicable codes and standards (refer to USA IBC and IFC as an authorative source as long as it does not conflict with local requirements)
  • Supports in-field repairs with appropriate tools and test equipment
  • Support Security software Tools and Templates updates
  • Maintain Security SharePoint Team Site
  • Provide technical support for the Business Continuity Plan
  • Preparation of MOC’s involving changes in technical security equipment / processes / systems
  • Assist other non-security company functions when appropriate, by providing technical security related advice and input to their POs / WOs and FIMS requirements.

Ad-Hoc Tasks (Pertaining To):

  1. Device Communication Secondary Tool
  2. Device Communication Primary Tool
  3. Devices Activated Task
  4. Recorded Video Check Task
  5. Live Video Check Task
  6. Archiving Task
  7. Cumulative Video System Tasks:
    • a. Inspect video for proper focus
    • b. Inspect video and camera location to confirm proper field of view
    • c. Inspect video and camera to confirm the camera lens and housing are free of dirt and or debris
    • d. Live video should be observed for a minimum of five minutes per camera to confirm video continues to stream live and does not freeze
    • e. View recorded video from different times of day to confirm back light compensation and video iris are functioning properly to provide quality video during changing light conditions
    • f. Report any poor video quality, video freezing or recorded video issue archiver and camera name, generate an appropriate response to investigate and repair
  8. Provide direct troubleshooting and repair of the following, but not limited to:
    • a. Genetec computer hardware
    • b. Genetec software
    • c. Access control card readers
    • d. Access control main panels
    • e. Access control reader panels (card reader interface boards)
    • f. Access control output panels
    • g. Access control alarm input panels
    • h. Video camera (fixed and PTZ both overt & covert)
    • i. Badging stations with card printers
    • j. Video monitors
    • k. Electronic locks
    • l. Duress buttons
    • m. Exit / Egress buttons
    • n. Intercom devices (emergency intercoms and access intercoms)
    • o. Digital video encoders
    • p. Detection Devices (e.g. Motion, temperature etc)
    • q. Local annunciators
    • r. Integrated Magnetic Door Holders (activated by remote release for duress function)
    • s. Electric mortise locks
    • t. Manual locking systems and master key management
    • u. Wireless Receiver (interfaced with alarm function)
    • v. Electronic Revolving Doors (including "circle locks)
    • w. Turnstiles (optical and wing-lock)
    • x. Anti-Tailgating Devices
    • y. Integrated RFID / EZ tag devices
  9. Liaise with the company's and Contractor Engineer and Design teams to facilitate baseline countermeasures related enhancements
  10. Provide support and guidance to all members of the the company's Security team and other affiliate stakeholders in the preparation of technical security designs
  11. As directed, provide guidance to external contractors engaged by the company to assist with security design or analysis
  12. Conduct Technical Security Assessments on security infrastructure, and provide guidance for enhancements
  13. Any other security support as reasonably required and directed by a Security Manager.
  • Complete all required Planned Maintenance Schedules (PMs) and PMJS of all Technical Security equipment and countermeasures in accordance with the Facility Integrity Management System (FIMS) Program
  • Keep the SSM, SOM and SSC updated on all work schedules and projects
  • Ensure all projects are completed in a safe and timely manner
  • Produce technical security evaluations, reports and recommendations for the SM / SOM / SSM / SSC
  • Adhere to the company's Values and Behavior Framework and demonstrate commitment to Safety, Security, Environment, Integrity, Teamwork and Excellence

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