On-site Recruiter

Full Time
EXPIRES 01 Jul, 2022

Job Location

Providence, East Demarara, Guyana


The Recruiter is responsible for all levels of talent acquisition and associated processes for the organization to include ensuring a talent pipeline is aligned with our company intention, purpose and strategies. Primary focus is on day-to-day recruiting as well as administration of the applicant tracking system.Position is also involved in staff planning, reporting, HRIS administration as well as community involvement and outreach.Acts as a resource for leadership, associates and within the HR department where needed.



  • High school education completed

  • Recruitment and Sourcing Knowledge is a must. 

    • Must be familiar with the terms, cycle and tools. 

  • Scheduled flexibility- Saturdays are required. 

  • MS Office (outlook, excel) 

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Detail oriented


1. Ensure staffing procedures meet company/client requirements.
○ Conducts day-to-day Recruitment, Selection and Placement Procedure.
○ Conducts calibration and certification for new recruitment staff.
○ Reviews Recruitment, Selection and Placement Procedures and updates where necessary.
○ Implements Recruitment, Selection and Placement enhancements where needed.
○ Recommends Recruiting Strategies to increase people.

2. 100% On-Time on Headcount Request.
○ Computes the expected applications needed to hire the expected number of applicants based on the average Hit Rate.
○ Conceptualizes the sourcing plan that will cover the needed applications to complete the request.

3. Reasonable Cost per Hire.
○ Reviews cost of sourcing activities.
○ Reviews section cost in terms of office supplies usage and telephony.

4. Recruitment Metrics.
○ Gathers data for Metrics.
○ Computes data based on On-Time, Hit Rate, Cost per Hire, and Conversion Rate.

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We are a people-focused business providing contact center services, integrated marketing solutions, big data analytics, and back-office processing. We improve your customers’ experiences through dedicated, tenured staff. We provide training, personal development and support to our employees helping them achieve their full vocation as employees and humans. In turn, they deliver innovative solutions that exceed our clients’ business needs.
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