Senior Mechanic at Silvies Variety Store

Important: Please ensure that you meet the general requirements of this job.

Job Requirements

  1. Computer literate
  2. Five CXC/CSEC subjects, Mathematics and English Grade 1-3 included
  3. BSc. Mechanical Engineer/Certification in Mechanical Engineering
  4. 2-4 years practical experience in related (mechanical and electrical) fields based on academic qualifications
  5. Ability to service and repair a wide variety of electrical and mechanical equipment
  6. Must be fit and able body
  7. Good Communication and interpersonal skills
  8. Ability to prepare and present reports
  9. Demonstrate ability to communicate effectively in both verbal and written format
  10. Ability to consistently reach deadlines
  11. Ability to interact with customers and maintain good working relationship
I meet these requirements

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