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EXPIRES 10 Jul, 2022

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Movietowne Mall, Rupert Craige Highway, ECD


Immediate Vacancy: Creating purchase orders on a daily basis and negotiating for best prices from suppliers. Able to work with flexible hours.


• Excellent organizational and effective communication skills. • Ability to negotiate with suppliers. • Research and analytical skills. • Attention to detail. • Bachelor’s degree - degree in supply chain management, logistics, or business administration preferred. • 2-3 years’ experience as a purchasing manager or agent. • Experience using procurement software and databases. • Supervisory experience.


• Develop purchasing strategy. • Reviews and processes purchase orders. • Manages other members of the purchasing team. • Maintains records of goods ordered and received. • Negotiates prices and contracts with suppliers. • Builds and maintains relationships with vendors. • Selects prospective vendors and negotiates contracts. • Evaluates vendors based on quality, timeliness, and price. • Schedules deliveries and ensures timely fulfillment of orders. • Researches and evaluates vendors to compare pricing and services. • Coordinates with fellow managers to monitor inventory and determine supply needs. • Ensures quality of procured items and addresses problems when they arise. • Keeps up with trends in procurement. • Travels to vendor locations. • Stays current with purchasing technology trends and oversees purchase and implementation, as necessary.

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Maxine Marketing Inc.


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