Workforce Real Time Analyst

Full Time
EXPIRES 07 Nov, 2021

Job Location

Providence, East Demarara, Guyana


Workforce analysts communicates any system downtimes to all stakeholders, monitors and manage intraday staffing levels for Client’s, ensures the Split/Skill assignment of all agents and monitors real-time ACD agent work state reports.


Must Haves:

  • High school graduate
  • CXC certificated
  • Advance level of Microsoft Excel
  • At least 1 year of Previous Call center experience is a must
  • Schedule flexibility (nonegotiable)

Nice to have: 

  • At least 6 months of previous workforce management experience is preferrable


Main Objectives and Duties:

1. Communicates any system downtimes to all stakeholders     

  • Escalates any system downtime and tool issues to the Qualfon and Account’s Management
  • Communicate effectively any information to Operations Team from Account’s Workforce Management during any downtime
  • Documents and sends the downtime summary report


2. Monitor and manage intraday staffing levels for Client’s.       

  • Update the Operations with staffing every interval during the hours of operations
  • Managing staff levels in both Miami and Atlanta servers considering the Skill / Organizational requirements
  • Monitor the actual staffing versus the scheduled
  • Initiates to offer overtime if needed to meet the weekly FTE requirement


3. Monitor real-time ACD agent work state reports


  • Responsible in calling out agents in non-adhering work states
  • Monitor and sends the Schedule Adherence performance alert or report to Operations
  • Monitor the Client’s approved discretionary activities of the agents work state
  • Management of auxiliaries activities for any Verint related schedule changes


4. Ensures the Split/Skill assignment of all agents            

  • Runs a split/skill check at least twice a day to cross reference from the existing Skill Plan of the Account management
  • Accommodate Split/Skill change request to Account’s Workforce


5. Accommodate and perform requests and assignments as directed    

  • Ability to provide and complete requested assignments on a timely manner
  • Ensure the all provided information requested are correct

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