Call Center Supervisor

Full Time
EXPIRES 10 Feb, 2022

Job Location

Providence, East Demarara, Guyana


Qualfon is looking for a competent Call center supervisor to organize and direct the staff of our call
center. You will be responsible for assessing their work and give them feedback to maximize
performance. An excellent call center supervisor must have customer service and supervisory
experience. The ideal candidate must possess great communication skills and be able to lead and
motivate. You will be organized and reliable as well as results-oriented. The goal is to drive excellent
performance from your team that will bring sustainable business growth.



  • At least 1 year of Call center experience.
  • At least 6 months of experience as a Team Lead, Supervisor, Quality Analyst or Trainer. Which  includes   coaching and motivating, monitoring and tracking service levels, and administering disciplinary actions with a customer service, production, and/or sales team.
  • At least 6 months of Sales experience (Sales representative or handaling sales metrics) is preferred.
  • Schedule Flexibility.


  • Administer Agent schedule adherence
  • Vast  knowledge of company product
  • Ensure quality goal is met and maintained; including conducting Root-Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Assist in Agent hiring decision
  • Administer corrective actions and performance improvement plans
  • Ensure employee satisfaction
  • Communicate to agents about business changes
  • Maintain client service levels
  • Provide resource support to agents
  • Create and deliver agent action plans
  • Maintain and proactive approach as it relates to KPIs
  • Deliver weekly coaching with agents
  • Collaborate with colleagues to share best practices
  • Create employee development plans and annual reviews
  • Provides crucial account-related updates and feedbacks to upper management.
  • Participate in Gemba activities and other Six Sigma related deep-dives and activities
  • Generate a minimum of 2 hours on the phones per week
  • Participate in internal and external calibration sessions
  • Performs other administrative activities necessary.


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We are a people-focused business providing contact center services, integrated marketing solutions, big data analytics, and back-office processing. We improve your customers’ experiences through dedicated, tenured staff. We provide training, personal development and support to our employees helping them achieve their full vocation as employees and humans. In turn, they deliver innovative solutions that exceed our clients’ business needs.
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