Mining Engineer

EXPIRES 14 Jul, 2022

Job Location

Aurora Gold Mountain Camp


Mining engineer will work in the Aurora Gold mountain Camp with 28 days on/14 days off rota. Salary range is between 600,000-80,000, with half day paid on the mobilization day. Promotion will be conduct with in one full service year together with compensation increment. more information,welcome to visit our working site.


1. 3+ year working experience.

2. associate or bachelor degreee in mining/ survey/exploration

3. willing to work in the mining industry


1.Participate in the preparation of the company's mining plan, and supervise the implementation of the plan;

2. Presiding over the implementation of mining construction design and selecting appropriate mining methods;

3. Responsible for the technical guidance, supervision and management and safety management of the mining construction site;

4. Responsible for the management of mining production technology in various mines, the completion of production tasks, and the supervision and inspection of technological upgrading;

5. Partly responsible for mining production cost control

6. Organize and formulate the work about new technology ,new machinery and new technology in mining if necessary;

7. Responsible for supervising and controlling the mine safety production system, implementing various indicators in the safety  and ensuring safe production;

8. Participate in the consultation on production and technical problems in mining and provide guiding opinions;

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Gold Mountain Construction INC


We are an underground mining contractor attached to Aurora Gold Mining (AGM)
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