Chief Engineer

Full Time
EXPIRES 12 Nov, 2021

Job Location

Block 2 Public Road, Land of Canaan, East Bank Demerara


To work on a barge as the Chief Engineer incharge of the engine room. 


A Mininum of a BSc in Mechanical Engineering or its equivalent.

A minimum of 5 years experience in simular field. 


  • Responsibility for the operation of the engine room and any maintenance of machinery onboard the vessel.
  • As head of Engineering on board ship, the Chief Engineer works closely with the Captain, occasionally holding equal rank, to ensure that the physical aspect of the vessel is completely under control.
  • You must work within a small team to ensure that all maintenance is completed efficiently and in depth.
  • The Chief Engineer must maintain inventory for any spare parts, extra fuel and oil. This inventory must be kept up to date.
  • The Chief Engineer must also ensure that the engine room is well kept and prepared for inspection by higher authorities, and it is the Chief Engineer’s responsibility in the event that the inspection finds the room unsatisfactory.
  • You must also determine the volume of oil, fuel and lube required for each voyage and ensure that substantial quantities of each is on board.

The Chief Engineer delivers general daily operation of the engine room to their primary assistant


will be discuss during interview. 

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The Human Resource Manager

Zhonghao Shipyard Inc

Lot 'A' Block '2' Public Road,

Land Of Canaan

East Bank Demerara

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