Labourer/Bond Clerk

Full Time
EXPIRES 05 Feb, 2022

Job Location

44 High Street, Georgetown, Guyana.


Desired qualifications, experience, and skills:    

1.      Five subjects CXC (Maths and English would be preferred)

2.      Prior experience working in a Bond or similar 

3.      Valid Police Clearance

4.      Relative physical strength and stamina

5.      Attention to details

6.      Excellent organizational skill

7.      Must have a police clearance.


1. Receiving and Packing off Items as per order                         

2. Stocktaking and Adjustment to Stock cards based on Requisition   

3. Off-loading from vehicle & take up to stockroom                          

4. Inventory Management                                                                     

5. Deliver items from the stockroom to the sales department              

6. Empty garbage  

7. Organizing and Packing Items                                                          

8. Communicate and collaborate with other team members                

9. Housekeeping of Department  

10. Purchase diesel, gas, etc.  

11. Assist in turning on/off the generator              

12. Collect items from SIS  

13. Assist in the opening & closing of the store   




Will be discussed in the interview.

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Applications should be sent by electronic mail to,, or submitted by hand addressed to the Operations Manager, 31 High & Hadfield Streets, Werk-en-Rust, and Georgetown.


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Silvies Variety Store

Silvies Variety Store


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