Store Operations Manager

Full Time
EXPIRES 11 Aug, 2022

Job Location

Giftland OfficeMax


The Store Operations Manager is responsible for managing sales and operations, merchandising, and purchasing and also ultimately responsible for ensuring the highest level of customer service throughout the store. A Store Manager is a role model and leader and must solve problems, make informed decisions and manage the workforce and time wisely in order to achieve maximum results.



  • At least 3 years’ experience in a retail environment, preferably at the level of a Manager or Supervisory post
  • Knowledge of Company products

Educational Requirements:

  • Degree or Diploma in Management or Marketing


Responsibilities Include:

  1. Coordinate sales promotion activities with Marketing Manager and pricing of merchandise.
  2. Oversee preparation of merchandise placement and displays.
  3. Oversee restocking of merchandise on a daily basis.
  4. Oversee all day to day store operations. Oversee compliance of Department Team Leaders and all associates with established Company policies and standards, such as personnel practices.
  5. Oversee all operational aspects of Giftland Department Store including supply chain management, inventory management, budgeting, customer service, store maintenance, promotions.
  6. Review reports and records to ensure adherence to Company policies and procedures.
  7. Oversee compliance of Assistant Store Managers, Department Managers, and associates with established Company policies and standards, such as personnel practices, and overall maintenance of the store.
  8. Help solve problems that affect the store's service, efficiency, and productivity.
  9. Work with the Human Resources Department to communicate any important information
  10. Develop and implement organizational goals objectives, guidelines and best-in-class policies and operating procedures.
  11. Provide and inspire outstanding service to our customers.
  12. Exercise judgment and discretion along, and in conjunction with Department Managers, and any other Assistant Store Supervisor, in the day-to-day operations of the store.
  13. Provide a model of supportive and participatory leadership. Promote team-building and empowerment.
  14. Assist in leading staffing and scheduling of the workforce with particular emphasis in areas such as sales and maintenance.
  15. Help solve problems that affect the store's service, efficiency, and productivity.
  16. Ensure all departments are well kept and restocked.
  17. Attend weekly and monthly departmental meetings to address and resolve any issues, policies and procedures and continual training processes.


Salaries and Benefits

Salaries and Benefits are based on Giftland existing salary scheme, and benefits are in accordance with the laws of Guyana and the policies of Giftland. These are all provided for in the Contract of employment.

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Giftland Office Max

Giftland Office Max


Giftland OfficeMax is the leading Department Store in Guyana with over fifteen individual Departments. Our daily operation is represented by over 190 employees. Giftland is committed to excellence through providing exceptional customer service, competitive prices and a wide variety of quality products. In 2015, Giftland opened a Mall which features over 140 different concessions including the largest Sports, Electronics, Stationery & Office Supplies stores in Guyana and the Caribbean. There are 8 Multiplex Theatre, Video Arcades, Beauty Salons, Health & Nutrition Stores, Barber Shops, a Jewelry Store, ATMs and many more amenities.
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