Nurse Aide


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  1. Carbolize nurses’ desk, patients’ lockers and nurses’ stations.

  2. Do vital signs.

  3. Assist in dressing.

  4. Assist in making dressing.

  5. Carbolize beds after discharge of patients, allow beds to air.

  6. Make beds for admission.

  7. In-patient beds linen must be changed daily and beds made up freshly daily.

  8. Assist other nurses with their chores.

  9. Report to nurse-in-charge/doctor etc.

  10. Give and remove bed pans.

  11. To escort patients to the different areas as necessary with or without an attendant.

  12. Book patients and appointments

  13. Handling vaccinations


- Five subjects CXC General Proficiency.

-Certificate in basic nursing

- Previous working experience as a Nurse Aide would be an asset

- Good Customer Relations skills.

- Good oral and written communication skills.


  1. Ensure patients are seen by the doctor in a timely manner.
  2. Ensure lab and other results are completed in a timely manner
  3. Answer telephones and take messages
  4. Full insurance forms
  5. Ensure the doctor’s room is kept clean
  6. Complete laboratory, X-ray, CT, MRI and other requisition forms.
  7. To ensure that the whereabouts of the doctor(s) are known at all times.
  8. All referrals should be handed over to the referred doctor’s staff or the doctor himself/herself.
  9. Patients’ records should be updated and correctly filled on the same day.

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