Zone Chief


Job Location

Lot 0 , Ruimveldt , Georgetown Guyana


Job Overview

The Zone Chief (ZC) is responsible for a defined geographic zone of operation, and will report to the Operations Officers and must work in collaboration with them to fulfil their mandate; the ZC will supervise the deployment of company assets – manual and technical, to fully cover company obligations. The Zone Chief is on call on a 24-hour basis.


  • Five CXC Subjects

  • Experience within the Security Industry and operations control ( An asset)

  • Two years Supervisory Experience

  • Computer Literacy; knowledge of Microsoft suite

  • Must have drivers license


Direct Reports and Responsibilities

  • Visiting Personnel assigned to the Zone; and Security Officers assigned to the Zone.

  • The ZC must also ensure the care of all vehicles and equipment assigned to the Zone


  • Schedule the Visiting Personnel assigned to the Zone to ensure that full coverage and supervisory activities take place in support of the operation.

  • Ensure that individual schedules are printed and distributed to Security Officers (on location or off) on Friday of each week.


  • Take steps to ensure that Visiting Personnel are on the job promptly at 6:00 AM or 6:00 PM each day.

  • Provide guidance to Ops Control in respect of replacements where absence occurs

  • Direct mobile personnel in respect of their work routine, bearing in mind that alarm calls take precedence.

Client Management

  • Communicate with clients/designates where deviations from contract requirements will affect service delivery

  • Ensure that Installation sheets are collected within a day of the end of each fortnight and returned to the office for processing into invoices


  • Monitor and confirm state of communication equipment for operability; non-functioning equipment must be reported to the Operations Officer to initiate repair or replacement. Monitor PPE and other company or client issued equipment.


  • Ensure that Officers’ timesheets are collected within a day of the end of each fortnight and returned to the office for processing into salaries.

  • Take steps to address adverse HSE matters affecting the Officers.


  • Curb indiscipline by directly addressing defaulters or referring them upward for disciplinary procedures and/or sanction.

Reporting & Documentation

  • Inspect the following shift reports submitted by Visiting Personnel for completeness and accuracy:

  1. Visiting Sheets

  2. Firearm Distribution Sheets

  3. Vehicle Handover record

  4. Vehicle Utilization record

  5. Disciplinary action

A Job By

Amalgamated Security Services (Guyana) Inc.


Amalgamated Security Services (Guyana) Inc was established to provide a range of much-needed security services in Guyana in both the private and public security markets and began operations in December of 2014. We provide services to an ever- expanding range of clients including those in the retail, industrial, commercial and hospitality sectors, for clients who are both locally or overseas-based. We also service governmental requirements, both domestic and foreign.

At Amalgamated Security we consider contract security to be much more than a guard standing watch. A security officer's role entails meeting the public in a professional, courteous manner as well as being an official representative for your business or property. To provide the highest level of service for our clients, Amalgamated Security Services (Guyana) Inc requires its employees to undergo extensive background checks and a rigorous training program that typically exceeds the requirements of other security companies - the industry's most stringent. They are designed to extract only capable, trustworthy and motivated personnel.

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