Wheel Loader Operator


Job Location

Batavia Region 7 - Quarry Mine


The Wheel Loader Operator is responsible for the operation of a wheel loader equipment as required by project operations, as well as its basic preventive maintenance.



1.      Must have a minimum of 3 to 5 years of experience operating this machinery.

2.       Certification/ qualifications

3.      Must have a valid driver’s license with heavy equipment certification also displayed.

4.      Must have references from previous organizations worked.

5.      Must have knowledge of standers maintenance and upkeep of machinery.

6.      Good communication skills.



1.      Conducts a thorough check of the equipment before and after operation on a daily basis.

2.      Performs loading operations of various materials into a dump truck using the equipment.

3.      Performs stockpiling operations of various materials as required by project operations.

4.      Carries and transports various materials using the equipment within the machine limit of the capacity.

5.      Ensures that the equipment is operated within the limits of its specifications as indicated on the equipment manual.

6.      Ensures that the equipment is properly parked and shut-off on the designated location after operation.

7.      Ensures the cleanliness of the interior, exterior and accessories of the equipment is maintained at all times.

8.      Assists in the basic preventive maintenance of the equipment.

9.      Ensures that no alterations/modifications of any kind is made on the equipment unless approved by Management.

10.   Reports any findings during checking or operating the equipment to the immediate superior for proper action.

11.   Follows established safety guidelines, procedures, and safe equipment operation practices.

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Ekaa Hrim Earth Resources Management


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