Job Location

Region 7 - Batavia Quarry Mine


As a Storekeeper, you will be responsible for overseeing the storage, organization, and distribution of materials and supplies at our quarry site.

The ideal candidate will have strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to maintain accurate inventory records.

With a focus on efficiency and safety, you will play a crucial role in supporting our operations and ensuring that our teams have the resources they need to succeed.


1.      High school diploma/ Certification would be an asset.

2.      Must be organized and punctual.

3.      Well-presented and professional.

4.      Prior experience in retail, preferably in a management position, would be advantageous.

5.      Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

6.      Proficient in Microsoft Office.


1.      Record the store material receipt and consumption daily.

2.      Checking the stock as per records.

3.      Receiving materials, stocking, recording of receipts, assisting manager to prepare quality reports of the received materials.

4.      Issue materials as per request for different works.

5.      General supervision on the site regarding wastage of material, improper use of material etc.

6.      Recollecting any balance/ unused materials at the end of the working days.

7.      Handing over of the charge of material lying in the site premises of the night security personnel from the day security guards.

8.      Update records on display boards and display slates regarding the stock.

9.      Prepare fortnightly/ monthly consumption reports jointly with engineers.

10.   Prepare a list of excess material.

11.   Update the stocks periodically.

12.   Inform the managing engineer of the status of balance material in order to raise further indent.

13.   Follow up with material suppliers, with prior consent from purchase department, to ensure timely supply.

14.   Maintain records of departmental tools, machinery etc. on site.

15.   Maintain record of cash purchase.

16.   Records of empty cement bags received from contractor.

17.   Maintain records of electricity and water bills.

18.   Inform the concerned engineer of the working condition of the machinery.

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