Driver/ Pest Control trainee


Job Location

East Coast Demerara


A pest control technician is responsible for providing pest remediation and prevention solutions to residential and commercial property owners.


Age: 20-45 years 

High School Diploma (would be an asset but not mandatory)

National Insurance Scheme Number (NIS) 

Pay as You Earn Number (PAYE) 

The ideal candidate should have a valid driver's license (Car/van) & should be able to drive both automatic and manual vehicle  


  • Pick up staffs from one location and transport to another location for daily task.
  • Collect payments and issue receipts to clients.
  • Assist staff with the loading of Hygiene bins
  • Spraying perimeters of homes and structures for termites, ants, and other insects.

  • -Setting traps for rodents.

A Job By

Service Pros Pest Control


Service Pros Pest Control was founded in 2018 by Mr. Jewanram Baldi who has over 13 years of experience in the physical and technical field of pest control and a combined team experience of 24 years. With support from local and international businesses and communities, Service Pros Pest Control is changing the local market by providing international service by local technicians. Our Pest Control treatment and inspection services are performed while taking your satisfaction into account. We involve you in the process and provide you with answers to any questions or inquiries you may have. Our company offers a range of pest removal services covering infestations of cockroaches, indoor ant colonies, termite swarms including winged migrations, bee wasp nests that may be indoors or in walls, flies, and many other protections. Each situation is different, that’s where our pest control inspectors and exterminator come in to assess the problem and then meet with you to discuss what needs to be done. Our team will provide you with the facts and customize a treatment program that works with your budget.
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