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Job Location

All regions of Guyana


Providing payroll outsourcing services


  1. Excellent administrative skills

  2. A respected reputation in the business community

  3. Keen on providing excellent customer service

  4. An excellent communicator


  1. Provide excellent customer service.

  2. Develop and activate customer retention strategies.

  3. Develop and activate customer acquisition strategies.

  4. Develop administrative policies and practices

A Job By

Block Logic Inc.


Block Logic Inc. engineered PaymasterNGI, a payroll automation solution. The solution seamlessly merges a mobile app, a biometric (facial recognition) time and attendance application, HRMS, and a multijurisdictional tax payroll processing application into an automation machine. PaymasterNGI operates at the highest levels of efficiency, boosting productivity while delivering ROIs north of 50%. Our feature-rich, SaaS-modeled service resides on Micrososoft’s Azure platform and uses Microsoft’s SQL 2022 data encryption technology.   PaymasterNGI is robust and intuitive and will lead the way in improving our users’ experience when we add our AI chatbot circa Q2-Q3 2024.

Our founder coined Synergetic Leverage, the sine qua non of our company’s ethos. Block Logic Inc. partners with business-savvy individuals and enterprising companies to leverage their skills, goodwill, and expertise. With Block Logic Inc.’s software engineering, business development, and marketing expertise, a synergetic relationship forms as a result of merging our core strengths, the impetus behind our growth rate. This is actualized via our franchise offering (with individuals) and joint ventures (revenue sharing) with our B2B partners through one of two strategic relationships: DIY Partners or Prime Partners.

Block Logic Inc.’s pool of talent and expertise stems from our CTO, who has over 15 years in software engineering; our founder, who has over 25 years of experience in Accounting, Finance, and Operations; and our Business Development and Marketing Director, who has over 30 years of experience in Business Development and Sales. Our partners and end-user clients can rest assured that at our core and expanded network, they have diligent professionals and innovative minds working on their behalf to deliver world-class solutions.

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