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The main role/responsibility of the HSEQ Officer is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of employees in the workplace.  He/she will be responsible for ensuring the business adheres to all applicable health and safety regulations, ensuring compliance, and enforces zero harm/loss whilst providing support to employees and managers in their efforts to monitor and maintain a safe workplace.



1. Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Safety and Health from a recognized institution

2. A minimum of three to four years of experience in the field of HSEQ.

3.Or a Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health from a recognized institution.

4.A minimum of two to three years’ experience in the field of HSEQ

5.The HSEQ Officer must have knowledge of ISO Standards Quality, Food Safety and Hygiene, Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental Standards, OSH Legislations and Recommended Guidelines of Food Safety/Hygiene and OSH.

6.Previous experience in a similar position is an asset.

7.Experience in implementing the HSEMS/FSMS systems.



1.Implements, coordinates, and ensures compliance in the health safety environment and quality system of the company.

2.Establishes key relationships with internal departments, external clients’ agencies contractors and stakeholders to ensure the HSEMS and FSMS are executed in accordance with legislations, standards, and all activities of HSEQ.

3.Attributes to company’s operations in the preparation of Permits, JSAs Risk Assessments, and Work Plans.  Ability to read construction plan drawings.

4.Conducts Safety Toolbox Talks and inspections throughout the company in a manner consistent with regulatory standards and guidelines.

5.The HSEQ Officer must be familiar with legislations and ISO Standards applicable to HSEMS and FSMS.

6.Discusses importance of HSEQ control measures with employees for job tasks including application and use of tools equipment/machinery on the work site(s).

7.Ensures a Risk Register and all HSEQ Registers are kept up to date.

8.Performs basic clerical functions e.g., filing sorting of correspondence and upkeep of customer contact information and ensure the accuracy of record keeping.

9.HSEQ Officer must have adequate knowledge of ICT applications particularly Microsoft Windows Office Suite Program for storage and retrieval of HSEQ information.

10.HSEQ Officer must have the ability to recognize hazards and unsafe conditions and show steps how to deal with them. Provide advice to the Management on health safety environment and quality matters and outcomes.

11.Prepares environmental and quality plans providing guidance on how these should be addressed.

12.Assists in preparing FSMS and HSEMS training programs, training matrix and help to manage the training system and liaise with approved departments.

13.Conducts inspections in every area of the company i.e. physical structures, all storage areas, and concessions.

14.Prepares HSEQ reports and communicates detailed information that address nonconformance's of the company and shows interventions through corrective actions.

15.Assists in the monitoring of the HSE performance based on audits, observations inspections citing nonconformance's identifying hazards and taking corrective action. Providing recommendations based on regulatory practices and legislation.

16.Conducts incident investigation by identifying root causes as per good HSEQ practices and giving recommendations that will be used in prevention of incidents.

17.Demonstrates the ability in problem–solving and decision making when it comes to safety, by assessing sound safety – related problems and develop recommendations based on findings.

18.  Any other duties assigned to you from time to time.

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